Nando (23 Jan 2012)
"Forcing Peace on Israel = Sudden Destruction (David Brennan & Gary Stearman)"


Jan 21, 2012 Forcing Peace on Israel = Sudden Destruction

Many books have been written linking the efforts of the quartet, to ram a forced peace to Israel and take away the land that God has given them as a fulfillment of His promises to the Patriarchs.

In this interview with Mr. David Brennan, the author of the book The Israel Omen II and I, and Mr. Gary Stearman of discuss this theme that should be aware to the Bible believing Christians of the world.

The role that Barack Hussein Obama plays in this conflict is devoted three chapters of his book. In my opinion the best events are yet to come.

Obama will in the future be forceful in bringing this 7 year covenant to fruition thus thrusting the world into the dreaded 7 year Tribulation.

Great destruction has followed the past attempts to enforce this false peace and by the patterns that have been brought out in the past we can surmise that America is in for very rough times ahead.

In the interview David expresses his opinion that if Obama is re-elected he will be the most anti Israel president ever elected. My opinion is that this man will bring about his plan before the election of this year, bringing the destruction that follows such a fact. In other words there will be no election this fall!!!!