Nando (23 Jan 2012)
"The Chinese New Year 2012"


Jan 21, 2012 The Chinese New Year 2012

The host of is celebrating the Chinese New Year and in Wikipedia we have a rendition of the dance of the ages.

Chinese New Year
Also called Lunar New Year, Spring Festival
Observed by Chinese communities worldwide[1]
Type Cultural, Religious
(Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian)
Significance The first day of the Chinese calendar (lunisolar calendar)
2011 date February 3
2012 date January 23
2013 date February 10
Celebrations Dragon dances/Lion dances, fireworks, family gathering, family meal, visiting friends and relatives (拜年), giving red envelopes, decorating with duilian (對聯).
Related to Lantern Festival, which concludes the celebration of the New Year.
Mongol New Year (Tsagaan Sar), Tibetan New Year (Losar), Japanese New Year (Shōgatsu), Korean New Year (Seollal), Vietnamese New Year (Tết)

The Dragon (Satan) dances / The lion of the tribe of Judah (Jesus) dances. Is this the year that the final clash (Apocalypse) starts?

Well the Chinese in their original language descended from the story of Genesis and their pictorial language rendered God (Shanti)with three mouths (the Trinity). Could the timing of the end have been known to them and incorporated in their almanac.

For the Chinese language origins I recommend these two books.


Genesis and the Mystery Confucius Couldn’t Solve by Ethel R. Nelson and Richard E. Broadberry (Paperback - Apr 1, 1994)