Nando (18 Jan 2012)
"Tim Tebow scores analyzed reply to Mathman and Ron Reese"


Jan 17, 2012 Tim Tebow scores analyzed

This post is about Tim Tebow and the game with the Patriots. You may agree or not with everything that Mathman has written, but there are very good observations to merit a close view of what is said.

My first observation to his main point of the Rapture and the sudden destruction occurring in Jan 28 has so many scriptural prophecies against it that I am unable to accept at face value. I have read Ron Reese’s articles and even his confirmation at the dentist and my conclusion is that it may be confirming what is planned by the NWO, but not necessarily the prophetic timeline of Jesus. In my humble opinion the Apocalypse has not started yet, but is very close to the start. January 28 may well be the day that we see the Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 prophecies beginning to be fulfilled followed by Ezekiel 38-39. At what point is the Rapture to happen is only known to God, but scriptures seem to point around the festival of Pentecost, maybe of 2012.

Mathman analysis of the scores and his analogies to the NWO are very good and they may be on the money.

One statistic that is worth reviewing is the 9 passes for 136 yards that Tebow made. As pointed out 9 is the number for finality and the end. This number is the reason that I started bloging in 2008 when I saw a license plate 999 GOD that I interpreted a message from God to me to start going all out in what I thought and knew about prophecy. I ask Him for confirmation of this fact and was given it in the following days. The whole story can be read in my first posts in this blog.

The total yards of 136 has the same three numbers as 316 and as such it can also be interpreted to refer to the 316.

Mathman and Ron are both correct in identifying Obama as the Antichrist and Mathman’s observation about the message being given to the Jews was very good and valid.

Thank you Mathman for your excellent observations and conclusions.


MathMan (17 Jan 2012)