MJ (17 Jan 2012)
"To Nicole: Dream of What it takes to make it to the Rapture"

Hello Nicole,  I personally want to thank you for sharing your amazing dream of what it takes to make it to the rapture. Here is a link to it for those who have not read it and it is a MUST READ.

I know that you are aware that your dream is the same type of allegory that was used in The Pilgrims Progress story which I read over 30 years ago when I first became a believer.  That book taught me that being a Christian would probably not be a 'walk in the park', but that we could overcome the circumstances of life if we just kept on trusting God.  This has turned out to be the truth for me in my life.  I have faced many trials and tribulations and challenges and truly have been able to overcome them all by steadfastly trusting God's Word and holding fast to His promises.
So, now I have again read an instructive story that you wrote because you dreamed it, and your dream seems like a fitting bookend for me - like you said in another post - my life has 'come full circle' regarding allegorical wisdom.
Your story really encouraged me.  The fact that you acknowledged that to you daily life seems like drudgery while we wait and wait for the rapture and it still hasn't come, and that is how I feel also, means that I am not alone feeling this way.  My friends are Christians, so is my husband, but they are not watching with the enthusiasm that I am.
Your dream description of the different stages of life of a watcher, (the shifting ground, the tsunami,and the muddy water) is perfect! And here we are in the mud.  Must keep swimming thru the drudge and then one day He will appear for us.  That is a promise!
Thank you for your letters Nicole. And I thank all the doves for their wonderful insights.  I wish that I had some exciting insights to share , but I don't at this time - maybe if the Lord wills I will.