MJ (10 Jan 2012)
"to Mathman:  what are these odds?"

Dear Mathman and All Doves,
 I saw this on Fox News today and thought 'what are the odds that this was a coincidence?'  I don't think it is a coiincidence at all - I believe that our God had His hand in these numbers because many people are watching Tim Tebow and are wondering about his relationship with God.
Remember that when he played college football,  he used to write 'JOHN 3:16' on the black out patches that football players put under their eyes during games.  He has been photographed many times with that message displayed on his face - see below.
Well now that he is in professional sports, he is not allowed to print John 3:16 under his eyes.  So here is what happened during the Pittsburg Steelers/ Denver Broncos game yesterday:
1)  Tim Tebow threw the ball 316 yards passing
2)  He averaged 31.6 yards per pass and
3)   a 31.6 TV rating was documented for the overtime viewing of the game
Mathman,  what are the odds of the number 316 being incorporated into Tim Tebow's game stats like that?  Just wondering and thought you would probably know the answer!!  Thank you if you think this is worth figuring out.
Maranatha, MJ