Mike W (27 Jan 2012)

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 years ago. My a1c was 6.7. I tried all kinds of diets and different ways to eat. I started taking 1,000 mg of metformin. My aic lowered to 6.1 but the metformin was messing up my stomach. I then tried the Carbohydrate Addice Diet and cut my Metformin to 500mg. My a1c went to 5.9. The doctor was surprised. Well that diet is ok but just looking forward to the reward meal was a little tough.
I am now on fast five diet. I fast for 19 hours and eat what I want for 5 hours. My last a1c was last week and it was 6.0. Once I got used to this diet it has been by far the easiest. I do not worry about what I eat I only am concerned when I eat. I can stick with it until the Lord comes back. No matter how long that may be or how soon. My eating window is 2-7 everyday.
This is just my experience. Try different things and search the internet. A lot of times doctors do not have a clue. They just tell you what they have been told. I think a type 2 diabetic cure is all about how often you eat or should I say how less often you should eat. Give your body a break.
Hope this helps