Mike W (23 Jan 2012)
"respond to Patti C Spirtual Peace and Safety"

I read Patti C post on spiritual peace and safety. Yes you are correct the Bible was and is written to believers. There are a lot of people who go to church and have been baptized and think they are saved. The ones in that category are the ones who never believed in Jesus and Jesus alone. It is because of the false teaching that you must be "good enough" to be saved. . That is why over 100 times in the Bible it says in one way or another to believe in the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved. Below is some of the false doctrine being taught:
1-A person needs to turn from their sin and believe and turn their life over to Christ to be saved. This is all well and good but leads a person to believe they need to do certain things to be saved. A person cannot "turn from their sin" without the Holy Spirit's help. Again the correct teaching is "Believe in the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved. It is FREE!!
2-Another false teaching is to believe and be water baptized and speak in tongues. Wrong again and a false doctrine.
3-I know you have heard this. "How can someone do that and be saved. He must not have ever been saved" Again if you were told that the first thing you would do to make sure you are going to heaven is quit doing that thing. This becomes a person then trying to "be good enough on his own" to be saved.
There are many others but I am sure you get the point. We cannot ever be good enough. Our flesh remains filthy rags and yes the Bible is written to believers and is written to correct the "born again" believers to start living right so they can enjoy the abundant life God has for them. They are sealed for heaven once they believe and there destiny is no longer in question. The Holy Spirit will chastise them and encourage them to get on the right path. This old corruptible body will be made incorruptible very soon at the rapture!
I will not quote the following because you can pull it up and read it. Matthew 25:41-46 These are the church goers and the ones who thought they were doing enough to be saved. Notice that Jesus said "to the extent you did not do it to the one of the least of these you did not do it to me"(verse 45)
He is saying if you must depend on your own good deeds you must be perfect and not miss a single person in feeding and helping. The verses of the ones on the "right" did not even know they were doing what they did for Jesus. They were unaware they were doing good works.
The Bible is about Jesus and what "he" did for us. It is a simple message and clear but satan has gotten into that message and distorted it.
So anyway, when I see post that tend to lead someone to believe that a person must be good enough to be saved I must answer. I thank God for the watchers even if they may get it wrong on times on the dates and all that. My concern is that the gospel of Jesus Christ not get distorted and that people who choose to read what I have to say will hopefully understand salvation is FREE if you only accept it.
Mike Watts