Mike Curtiss (9 Jan 2012)
"Final Implementation of Obama Dictatorship in Progress on all levels"


Dear Doves,

          When Hussein assumed the presidency, I have warned about what should have been obvious. Hussein was accumulating

 power within the executive branch. The prophetic significance can't be anything, but dire, acute and obvious. In Hussein we

 have the first Beast of Revelation. In his first hundred days, he accumulated powers, which would not have been possible had

 he governed at the typical glacial pace of the US Government.

          Utilizing a blitzkrieg of paper, which was intentionally made up of unnecessarily long, deceptive  and complicated prose,

Obamacare allowed POTUS to concentrate power and assume the authority of a Dictator. Nobody can forget Hussein's first

State of the Union speech where he directly challenged the authority of our Supreme Court through direct intimidation

 tactics directed at the Chief Justice.

           As POTUS, Hussein has operated by continual spending authorizations and without typical annual budgets, which 

require that POTUS explain the monies he's spending. He did this at both an unprecedented and break neck speed

 that allowed the Beast to pass the un-Constitutional Obamacare, which had every marking of the introduction of a police state 

within the United States. This POTUS has continually ignored and deceived the Congress and the courts, the mask if off folks.

The Congress can't seem to understand that POTUS has robbed them of power and made them redundant.  

           The US Senate just passed legislation, which when added to the consensus of the House has made Hussein completely

 above the law. He has just been granted the power to arrest, detain, imprison and kill ordinary US citizens without the need of

 a pesky judge, a subpoena, or evidence. The POTUS does not need to separate the use of the military from that of the police.

 This is called the Posse Comitatus Act, which has always been a significant part of the separation of powers outlined 

in the United States Constitution. 

          As we speak, a purge of US military leaders is quietly taking place. All leaders who won't swear personal allegiance

  to Hussein are being replaced. He's also cutting the US militaries strength in half, so that his confederates can not be defeated

 on the domestic battlefield. I urge that each and every Christian take up this challenge and begin intercessory prayer, take up the

truth and expose this evil plot to everyone you know.

          Once half of our military ceases to exist, Hussein we will use his army of domestic brownshirts that he's been building

 from before his election. It includes societies castoffs that will include, but is not limited to legions of failed young student loan

 recipients, unemployed workers, underwater homeowners, union workers and ACORN community activists. This he will do

 even faster than the first hundred days of his administration. He's in a big hurry, because several lawsuits demanding 

Hussein prove he was eligible to be elected POTUS in 2008 are now close to real judicial examination. 

           Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, please take heed and prepare yourself personally. I do not think that we are

 going to be taken, or raptured out of this situation in time. Spread the word and prepare your family and friends. You can use

 the article below to show them. The time's growing short, do not be taken unawares. Do not let your families be taken

 unawares. May the peace of the Lord Jesus surround you and grant you the proper words to explain and perhaps save their

 souls. A time of spiritual wisdom is upon us all. 'But for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord Jesus' Please feel free to

give me your input my brethren. May the agape love of the Lord Jesus be all upon you now and forever more.


                                                                             Mike Curtiss