Mike Curtiss (4 Jan 2012)
"Jovial, Susan Armstrong  "Texas Sue -Frank Molver - Obama,"

Hi Sister's and Brother's in Christ Jesus,

           If you plan on corresponding about the 'dark arts' before we start every discussion, please invoke the Name above all names; Jesus Christ. Unless you have a problem including and addressing the King of kings and Lord of lords in this discussion, you are unknowingly falling into a ritual trap. Let me be very clear, we could actually be doing the enemies bidding by spreading evil and infecting our brethren with fear.
          Texas Sue, you will note that we only heard about this story of a pagan Voodoo worship ceremony, because a 'witch' became frightened! The ancient enemy enjoys nothing better than causing God's children to become fearful. As fighters in the war currently going on in heavenly places, it's our job is to be found fervently and frequently in prayer. Prayers and supplications to Jesus Christ are the only remedy that makes the enemy flee from before us. By the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ the victory is His alone.
          Make no mistake Jovial, there's much more going on inside the Hussein Regime than anyone outside of a select few in the Evangelical Church understand. The recent posts here on Five Doves don't have much specificity. If you have information, you have spiritual power.
          Frank, I stumbled upon the curious trip of Senator Obama made to Berlin. Remember, this expensive trip came in the middle of a primary campaign he was losing to Senator Hillary Clinton. It made absolutely no sense to me, or any of the political pundit that bothered to comment upon it.
          Immediately, I read the text of Hussein's speech. Nothing new could be found there. Pundits considered that Hussein might be trying to draw similarities between Hussein's GQ style and the make believe world of JFK's Camelot. Incidentally, I found out that JFK's famous speech ' Ich Bin Ein Berliner' left most his audience totally confused, because the young glamorous President actually said, 'I am not a stuffed jelly donut'
          I looked at every aspect of these two trips I could think. Kennedy began his speech by saying '2000 years ago' What date did it take place, who was present, why did he think that making a speech in Berlin to speak to a crowd of mostly drunken Germans that couldn't possibly vote for him? The crowd was estimated at from 30K to 50K. They showed up after hearing that the rally would feature heavy metal music and free beer.
          My investigation was amazing in both scope and it's ageless character. Not only is it possible to locate the evil, corrupt leaders making pilgrimages to Berlin, I was able to track the spirit of antichrist as it acts upon potential antichrists throughout the ages. It's also possible to connect most man caused tragedies with visits to Berlin. At the end of his life, Kaiser Wilhelm II said that he was most proud of building the Pergamon Museum, which houses satan's altar to this very day. Remember, it's vital that you all understand, the enemy hates each and everyone of us no matter what type of person we are. That's a vitally important fact each one of us must comprehend.
           After reading your posts, I'm interested in finding out exactly what type of ceremony took place and the identities of the people involved. We must know everyone involved, so we can protect ourselves and bind those dark forces before we summon them by name. I don't suggest you try this ritual alone.
           I will locate and repost my old reports about satan's ( it's real. not a replica ) throne room, which is a touchstone where would be dictators, emperor's gather to obtain powers to win nations and empires. Make no mistake, I'm convinced that Germany has tried twice in the last century to conquer the world. Those attempts both took place after satans throne was purchased from the Ottomans, removed from the ancient biblical city of Pergamon in Asia to be put on display in Berlin. It now makes perfect sense why Hussein travelled to Berlin, he was there to obtain satan's blessing.
            I will also reveal other pagan worship touchstones of power that Hussein has visited in India and Indonesia. Some interesting comments about the monkey god token Hussein carries around in his pocket everyday tie all these 'dark powers' together.
                                           In the precious name of Jesus Christ I pray,

                                                                                                   Mike Curtiss