Mike Curtiss (4 Jan 2012)
"Antichrist Spirit Connected to satans Throne Room & Hussein From(6 Apr 2011)  "Evil Resurfaces""

MC (6 Apr 2011) 
"Evil Resurfaces"

Dear Doves,
             Here's the last post I made about the 'touchstone of evil' where Hussein gave his speech.
It's the actual throne room spoken of in the Holy Bible. There are connections between this exhibit and megalomania, genocide and world wars. In Asia, visits were made to many similar ancient monuments that were built to worship indirectly, the root of all evil. Just ask me about it. I posted an article about Hussein's GDad who was their villages shaman. They performed many rituals to insure his election. The details are overwhelming. Thank you for letting me show you the whole sordid mess.
                                                     Mike Curtiss

Dear Doves,
      Just as we are warned to avoid losing sight of the forest for the sake of the trees, I have failed to connect a larger much darker cultural 'back story' with the resurgence of political Islam. It's no coincidence that the European Union (EU), a continent named for a morally decadent Greek goddess of spent eroticism, now faces the 21st Century suffering life and death consequences of carefree socialism. When generations of Moslems were allowed to immigrate into Europe, they took full advantage of extensive social programs without accepting the social contact, or tenets of European liberalism. To be a 'good' moslem is an all consuming fire. Islam is attached to every aspect of a submitted life. Islam demands complete submission to allah, a merciless, bloodthirsty and vicious god.
         The Trojan Horse of Islam defines a well honed practice that followers of the prophet have used since the 8th Century to invade by stealth and guile, stronger nations they couldn't possibly dominate by the sword. In order to make certain that moslems don't stray from the influence of Islam, prayer facing Mecca five times a day is one of 'the Five Pillars of Islam'. These precautions prevent assimilation and transformation of moslems to less rigorous religions. Deception and treason are considered 'virtues' that moslems are encouraged to practice when they live outside of 'the House of Islam'. Their covenant mission has always been to establish their own societies within infidel nations, coexist within 'the house of war' until they can undermine that society, introduce Sharia Law and transform it from within. Witness 1100 years of islam successfully growing north through the Balkans.
         Examination of live birth numbers within the EU are making the truth painfully clear. We will all live long enough to witness the transformation of the European Union into an Islamic Caliphate. Winston Churchill decried the descent of an 'iron curtain' over Eastern Europe as those nations fell to Soviet Communism in 1945. Today, I lament a much more resilient and personal evil that's about to imprison all Europeans. Someday very soon every European will either be converted to islam, or fitted with 'iron handcuffs' in forced servitude to Islam.
         When I first broke the story of Berlin's Pergamon Museum back in 2008, I lacked enough background information to completely appreciate this amazing public display of Satanic artistic statuary. In what could only be calculated as a provocative act of human bravado, a megalomaniac Kaiser Wilhelm II helped assemble and restore a magnificent collection of bloodthirsty statues, temples and relics from the ancient kingdoms of antiquity. These figurines on open display in Berlin represent the anti-deluvian struggle of the monstrous Titans as they struggle against their more refined progeny, the Greek Pantheon led by Zeus; all at the behest of their master satan. 
        These pagan religions all pre-date Christianity. However, they figure prominently in the Holy Bible. The actual 'Throne Room of Satan' was purchased from Ottoman Turkey by the Prussian Royal Family and removed from the City of Pergamon by von Oppenhiem. The Kaiser then brought to Berlin the marvelous Isthar Gate from the ancient City of Babylon. It should be noted that these pagan idols and statues share every brutal element of Islam. Slavery, genocide, blood libel, ritual sexual abuse of children, polygamy and routine violence were all common elements in the polytheism of Greece, the dissipation of Rome, the horror of Babylon and the ruthlessness of Mecca.
       If you were to casually read the press and media reports about the museum in Berlin, it would appear that there have been few, or no interruptions in the public display of these artifacts. Since the museum's inception by Kaiser Wilhelm II in the 1890's, there have been many notable interruptions in the display of the collection. Many members of Five Doves have read my many earlier reports about the Pergamon Museum in Berlin as I built up the case for their spiritual significence. Without the benefit of a pertinent time-line, I couldn't possibly understand just how important the public display of such a dark powers might be. From time to time, I've returned to the subject of Satan's Throne Room to relate another creepy and unsettling detail about the exhibition. It seems the Holy Spirit won't let me rest until the entire truth has been unearthed.
        Tonight, I think I've discovered why God thinks displaying Satan's Throne Room, Babylon's

Ishtar Gate and Tell Hafals Griffins are so important to the fate of Europe and all mankind.

Pergamon's Satanic Throne Room was first displayed by the Kaiser in 1913, within months all the

world would be engulfed in war. All of the fighting in WWI was done in Belgium and France. The

Fatherland of Germany and Satan's Throne remained inviolate. This enabled Adolph Hitler and his

evil dark horde to someday claim 'the Jew's of business' stabbed the German fighting men in the

        By 1930, the entire collection of evil iconography was finally complete with both the Ishtar Gate and Tell Hafals Griffins joining Satan's Throne Room. The madness of National Socialism was also nearly complete. Hitler became the constitutionally elected dictator of Germany within 3 years in 1933. Exactly 20 years to the date of the Armistance ending WW I, in 1939 Germany was back at world war. In 1943, the museum storing the collection was destroyed by allied bombing. Most military historians mark 1943 as the year the Nazi's began to lose the war. Somehow, after the war von Oppenhiem saved the rubble of the museum from disposal.
       The long shadow of communism fell over Germany and Eastern Europe. After President Ronald Reagan demanded that the Berlin Wall be torn down, the menace of communism abated. The Pergamon Museum was reborn in 2001, the restored Throne Room of Satan was again put on public display. The museum first re-opened it's doors in September 2001. I don't need to remind any of you what happened on September 11th 2001 at the WTC in NY NY.
        Now, I think I understand why I wasn't allowed to put this story down until tonight. Thank you Lord!
                                                  Mike Curtiss