Mike Curtiss (25 Jan 2012)
"USS Lincoln goes thru Hormuz"

USS Lincoln goes thru Hormuz  
Sunday, January 22, 2012 the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier (CVN 72) sailed through Strait of Hormuz.
The US Navy said the passage was routine and without incident.  The carrier was escorted by the guided-missile
warship USS Cape St George, 2 destroyers, the British Royal Navy frigate HMS Argyll and a French vessel.
The HMS Daring was scheduled, where is it?  Iran wanted the USA to STAY OUT of the Persian Gulf.

US announces the USS Enterprise Carrier Strike Group will steam through Hormuz in March.
Dont want to sink the Link!  But there is rumor the US plans to sink the old Big E soon.
Remember the Ala... errr .. Pearl Harbor!  It is rumored the US President allowed Pearl Harbor for an
excuse to enter WW2.  Therefore sacrificing US lives and ships has a precedent in history.
Solve the unemployment problem - start a war.  We have thousands of troops in Kuwait and Israel.

There is rumor the US plans to sink our Big E carrier in the Persian Gulf as a pretext for war.
I dont know.  Things heated up that way all during 2011 and its bible prophecy it will occur, we just dont know when.
Lincoln goes thru Hormuz, debka :
Sink the Big E: