Mike Curtiss (25 Jan 2012)
"Watch the USS Abraham Lincoln and Iran"

Dear Doves,

        It didn't make much sense in 1995. The USS Abraham Lincoln was still a project being laid down at Newport News. However, I was really confused when the mighty ship joined the fleet and was based out of Washington State. She patrolled the Pacific Ocean and Communist China exclusively, so any role in a Middle Eastern conflict seemed impossible. I didn't understand the logistics involved, but I knew the USS Abraham Lincoln was going to play a featured role in the coming of Armageddon. First, read some more.
        We have all witnessed the criticism that 'false prophets' received since Harold Camping came forward with his notion of a rapture date. It makes all Christians who scan the news each day as watchmen on the wall look foolish.
        So, after the latest drawdown of the US military, I learned that not only was the Lincoln moving into the Atllantic Ocean as part of CENTCOM, she was located off the coast of Iran. Earlier this month, this vessel transited the Straights of Hormutz as part of a Carrier Battle group. This matters, because Iran says that should another fleet force the straight, there would be war! That's where we are today. Stay tuned and watch the USS Abraham Lincoln.          Do any of you Doves have anything more to add about Iran, the Lincoln, or the missile war about to come?
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the wisdom of our military leaders. It was all happen suddenly and decisively
before anyone's prepared for war!


                                                                            Mike Curtiss