Mike Curtiss (24 Jan 2012)
"Dru (23 Jan 2012)  ""Does the Antichrist have to have a rebuilt temple to sit in?"

Hi Dru,

         The AC already has an altar. Remember, Jacob piled some stones together and built an altar that quickly. What we imagine as an altar today is not what the ancients considered an altar. Jacob piled some rocks together.
         Here's a photo of the AC and his altar. Read the article, he even had an altar complete with devoted 84,000 worshipers. People were openly calling him the messiah.


                                                                Mike Curtiss 

The Democratic convention: Olympian triumph or surrealist performance art?

In the hours before "the most important speech of his life", Barack Obama's fans in downtown Denver began to party like it was the Superbowl.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama received a resounding welcome at the Mile High Stadium for the 2008 Democratic National Convention Photo: EPA
The Democratic presidential candidate was due to speak before 84,000 worshippers in Mile High stadium, home of the Denver Broncos, who have six times contested America's quintessential sporting event.
Outside the ring of steel, activists offered free hugs in exchange for credentials. Ticket touts waved filthy fivers at the journalists for spare passes. Let's just say the price wasn't right.
When people poured from the stadium afterwards, mainlining hope, the same hawkers were there flogging t-shirts (in XXX-L for the bulky brothers) and asking to buy the same used passes. There's a premium for this sort of thing on ebay.
The Democratic National Convention was a perfect allegory for the nation Barack Obama seeks to lead: thrusting free enterprise, passion and opportunism wrapped around an event of gargantuan ambition that teetered between hubris and triumph.
The sight of the convention delegates thrusting their banners skywards ("Change", "Hillary", "McCain the Same"), barking like Pavlov's dogs at mention of the phrase "Yes we can!" would once have triggered mention of Nuremberg rallies, but fortunately recent history offers us new metaphors. This was the Beijing Olympics again, shorn of the underage gymnasts.