Mike Curtiss (2 Jan 2012)
"Jovial (31 Dec 2011)"

Dear Jovial,

 I've had a difficult time understanding and expressing what a specific shavua of years might look like. It begins with a sabbatical year. Your post makes it much more specific, thank you Brother. Where do you begin counting these 7 times 7 shavua of 49 years? A schemata of shavua must be 49 years?
   Are you marching out a period of time thats not merely a period of seven years, but a period of seven times seven years beginning with a sabbatical year? Where are you counting from?
 I first came across this material about shavua concept from dear Sister MJ Agee who brought this up stipulation and properly translated it's true meaning. I can't imagine how much easier we can properly 'insert' those 49 years into the present timeline now. Where do you begin counting? If I remember correctly, the only spot where it can begin was 2007-2008. Is this correct?

                What is a "SHAVUA"?  Most English translations translate this as "week" or "Seven".  Most of us consider this a 7 year period.  However in Otser Midrashim, on page 386 in the latest publication of it, it says that a "שבוע" is "שמיטה של שבע שנים" or a "Shmitta of 7 years".  Or in other words, a Sabbatical year.  Thus, not just any 7 year period, but one being measured according to the Sabbatical cycle of years.

    Anything you might add to put this into the prophetic terms would help me to better understand would be greatly appreciated. I went to your website, it will take me months to learn just the material there. Do you have a link which might help me properly speak modern Hebrew please?


                                                                                   Michael Curtiss