Mike Curtiss (17 Jan 2012)
"Once Again Jewels of Bank Checks from Another Era"

Dear Doves,

       Please take the time to appreciate the little things that come to your attention each day. Share them with me. We are here to be a supportive community of God's children. I for one need real friendships based upon special interests like history, archeology and religion. It pays to see the hand of God at work in the lives of the saints who have come before us. I will share stories like this fascinating one with the Doves community. I'm certain we can find tie ins with eschatology and Bible prophecy.
       One sober fact associated with the date the article says Lincoln wrote a check, which every Dove and every Christian should know; it was Ash Wednesday 1865. The day set apart in Holy Week for confession, repentance and the forgiveness of sin. Disturbing dreams had been steadily troubling Abraham Lincoln, one dream he shared with his family featured the President wandering the White House in his nightshirt, observing black funerary draperies and an all black funeral bier complete with a full casket and people were deep in mourning. He knew, or was reasonably certain that he was going to be killed. However, Lincoln resolved to go to Ford's Theatre to break the gloomily atmosphere anyway.  What better signal could Lincoln send to the DC elite? Lincoln was desperate to insure the atmosphere of peace carefully begun at Appomatix Courthouse would be respected by the civilian leaders of the Republic? The business of war, destruction and retribution, must cease to be business of government. The order of the day was national renewal and a blooming spring time of Peace. To spread this word, Lincoln could not be swallowed up by armies of bodyguards. Incredibly, all through the war Lincoln began each day greeting callers of any status, or stature who merely presented themselves to the White House. The President really did live in the 'people's house' People appeared seeking appointments, favors, or some ridiculously tiny, or notoriously grand title, appointment, or honor. Lincoln refused to let the enemy win, so this tradition continued all through the war. Sequestering himself away from the public, or ruining the concept of the direct responsibility of the head of government to the people of a representative Republic.
       It should come as no surprise that the Lord Jesus Christ had complete control of his child President Lincoln as he shouldered the greatest burdens. At the time of his death, Abe Lincoln was recognized as this countries 'pascal lamb' who's blood was required to insure that peace would come into the land. Before any great testament, a blood sacrifice is required. The great axe of a deeply divided land was finally buried when Father Abraham was martyred. It was Good Friday 1865 when Lincoln died, that fact was not lost upon the people of this land. Who would have guessed that peace would finally come, due to the death of a war winning president? I've searched the annals of history for a similar story without success. The only similar situation comes from the pages of the Holy Bible in the atoning death of our Lord Jesus Christ.
       Posthumously, Abraham Lincoln was able, because of his enormous stature to placate the Cabinet, the Congress and the US Military acting spiritually from the grave. 'Do not unnecessarily punish rebel soldiers, statesmen our their families'  'they are an important part of our family'. 'We can no longer bare to do without them seated around our great table'. The Army of the Potomac was generalled by Ulysses S. Grant, who'd spent enough time with Lincoln to understand his plans for reconciliation and reconstruction. General Grant had been in a position to observe the violent carnage of the Civil War. He modeled the behavior his President expected of him, welcoming back General Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia with arms open wide. They're 'our lost bothers' welcomed home by the Father; 'the Bibles Prodigal Son'. Did you know that the beaten Confederate soldiers were allowed to retain their horses and firearms to asset them in their travels home. Grant even ordered his command to avert their gaze while the surrendering host came forward to sign their parole. As they laid down their swords and battle flags. Grant refused to accept the sword carried by General Robert E. Lee. Food was brought forward by the trainload to feed these starving men. The wounded were cared for in the same hospitals as the Yankees. All the rebels were granted an immediate parole. When official Washington DC heard this news, they were absolutely livid. Surely, the South should be made to pay financial restitution. The Congress eagerly set of plans for military trials for treason. Newspapers quoted national officials who brazenly sought justice and scheduled hangings for all enemy soldiers. Rivers of blood would soon floe again. A foolish man, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and the senior members of his Cabinet fled Richmond carrying all the gold from Southern Treasury they could carry. It took two weeks before Jeff Davis and company realized they had nowhere else to go.

                                                        Our Lord Jesus Makes All Things Possible,

                                                                                                                 Mike Curtiss