Mike Curtiss (13 Jan 2012)
"One More Time the Ban, Massacre and Hussein"

Dear Doves,
          Nothing short of perfection, within the Holy Bible, ancient Greek and Roman mythology and today's news headlights have seamlessly merged to open the eyes of those folks who are either spiritually dead, or need a cold shower to get their attention right now! Over the last three years the Russians have stockpiled weapons, stored supplies and built a deep water warm water port for it's fleet in the city of Tartus Syria. This extensive facility has barracks to house a permanent Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea. Since the era of Peter the Great, the Russians have only dreamed of having facilities this far south. To fellow Christians, I would like to point out several amazing facts about the arrival of a Russian naval carrier battle group in Tartus Syria.
          First, by sending it's most capable ships, fighter bombers and surface elements to Syria, Russia is making it's support known for the outlaw dictatorship of Bashar Assad's Syria. Mired knee deep in the dead bodies of otherwise unarmed protestors in the streets of every city, town and crossroads of ancient Syria.
          Second, few of us here at home realize that a state of civil war already exists between the ruling minority socialist Allowhite Party and the predominately Sunni and Shia moslem majorities in Syria. Make no mistake, a broader regional war's brewing between the Sunnis and the Shia to determine, which form of islam will rule the coming caliphate. They hate each other since the founder of islam, Mohammed died before he could tell his followers which side would win. Moslems will always be divided into two camps, but only one camp will inherit islam's heaven. In effect, Mohammad at his death cursed his own people with eternal division. As Christians, we know that Mohammad lied, because a curse had already been placed upon Ishmael and his descendants by God. When Isaac was born into the family of Abraham, he became the child of the promise. Isaac's twelve year old step-brother Ishmael and his mother Haggai were sent away. A blood feud has existed every since. The devil knows his Bible well. When he set-up his counterfeit religion, Mohammad was given revelations that granted moslems the gift of heaven. Satan happily passed along to his followers that they were the children of God's blessing. This became the source of all the enmity, that today exists, between islam against Christians and Jews.
          Third, with the support of US President Hussein, many absolutist regimes in the Middle East have fallen only to be replaced by more zealous islamist governments run by the Moslem Brotherhood. Some of you might remember that Assad the Elder massacred 70,000 men, women and children in 1981. This three day attack upon Hama Syria involved the complete destruction of every building, business and mosque in the city. Even the pets, livestock and vineyards were destroyed. It was the Moslem Brotherhood that had plotted rebellion in Hama, but most of the people of Hama were innocent men, women and children. Assad the Elder believed that in order to survive, he  had to make an example out of both the Moslem Brotherhood and the people of Hama. Every nation in the Arab World took notice, if you need to halt a islamist jihad you must be willing to completely destroy your enemy and anyone who harbors them. This age old method of stopping a revolutionary movement became known as 'The Hama Rules'.
           Fourth, this act of total destruction is called 'the Ban'. According to ancient Jewish chronicler Flavius Josephus, putting every living thing in a city 'to the sword' has it's origin in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and
'the Ban' was repeatedly practiced by Mohammed in the battle's of the koran. Unfortunately, the effect this legacy has upon the behavior of Assad the Younger, is appalling to every government in the world. Concern has grown so profound that the toothless Arab League sent hundreds of unarmed Observer's into Syria to prevent another massacre. However, the Syrian Army daily demonstrates it's willingness to slaughter the civilian population of Syria. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of people are already doomed, because Assad's Syrian military is largely from the Allowhite sect of islam. Remember, the curse that Mohammed placed upon the people of islam? Just like the Sunni's and Shia, the minority Allowhite moslems in control of Syria believe only they will inherit islam's paradise. I firmly believe that the carnage in Syria will continue unabated until either Assad the Younger is dead, or driven militarily from office. For the innocent men, women and children of Syria  I only see Tartarus and the entry place for the damned. Make sure you read the story below.
             Today, we have witnessed an open slaughter of thousands of innocent Syrian's, it bodes ill for the citizen's of Syria.
and the people of the Middle East. With the rise of President Hussein, the mere mention of Hama has choked off any dissent within the Arab world. What otherworldly influence does Hussein wield that encourages the Moslem Brotherhood to foment rebellion despite the Hama Rules? After Hussein was elected, his first foreign speech was given to the Moslem Brotherhood in Cairo Egypt. Whatever message Hussein imparted to them must have been extremely powerful to overcome the horrors of Hama and rise against Assad the Younger and the Allowhite Syrian Army.
           Finally, with the support of President Hussein, the Moslem Brotherhood and the so called Arab Spring movement has been successful in a series of governmental takeovers of Arab dictatorships by the grand daddy of all islamist terrorist movements; the Moslem Brotherhood. Syria remains the only dictatorship that has so far withstood widespread demonstrations and civil disobedience by these revolutionaries. Thousands of dead Syrians and hundreds of thousands of wounded, imprisoned and missing Syrian people. So far, with the overt help of the powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Russians and both Hezbollah, Hamas the Syrian Government of the Bashar Assad has held firm against the MoslemBrotherhood, President Hussein and the Arab Spring Movement.
           Today, with the announcement that a Russian naval carrier battle group had arrived in Tartus Syria, something curious stirred within me. AGoogle search quickly showed me why;

Tartus Syria is named for the place in classic mythology, as Tartarus, or Tartaros (Greek: It is a deep, gloomy place, a pit, or an abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides beneath theunderworld. In the Gorgias, Plato (c. 400 BC) wrote that souls were judged after death and those who received punishment were sent to Tartarus. Like other primal entities (such as the earth and time), Tartarus is also a primordial force or deity.

             Finally, I find it mighty comforting that our God's firmly in control of all things great and small. He mocks and dismisses those who would make war upon His people. There's not one day goes by when I'm not troubled by the fallen nature of this world and the burden of my sins. When I can look at the news reports and locate confirmation of God's great power, I know He is zealous, righteous and completely willing to forgive, a woeful sinner like me. Wow, our God reigns. I take great comfort knowing that the Lord's seated upon the throne. He has such complete knowledge, He even named the location of the new Russian naval base in Syria after tartarus 'the mythical gateway to hell' before the world began. What an awesome God we serve. Perhaps, we should pray for the sailors quartered there, because I'm sure Tartus Syria is going to become a place of great slaughter in the upcoming Middle East war.


                                                                      Mike Curtiss