Mike Curtiss (11 Jan 2012)
"Prayer Request & More"

Dear Doves,

          Please pray for Tom, he's my friend since we were roommates 30 years ago in college. He's injured both knees over the last 60 days. First, he tore his R knee cartilage, I just got the news that he's also hurt the Left knee, much more seriously than this original injury to the right.  He's awaiting the MRI results, so  we'll know much more in the morning.
          I have labored much in the introduction of the saving grace and redemptive death of Jesus Christ and the power of His Resurrection can bring into his life.
          He can't walk and has no family. In two weeks, he'll lose the help of a lady friend that flew down to give him a hand. After she leaves, Tom is all alone on his sailboat in the marina. Are there any Doves living near Tampa Florida?
          I have often told him how Christians are different and living the Christian life makes you a new person. I want to show Tom a miracle. I need your help. Are there any one of you that could bring him supper, or stop by the marina to see if he needs anything from the store?
          I would do it myself, but I can't get around anymore either. Thank you for your prayers.

                                                            Agape Love,

                                                                          Mike Curtiss