Michelle S (17 Jan 2012)
"Nicole...Doves - Yes many dangers now lurk online!"

Hi Nicole,

I didn't know Sabrina and Susan believe in the mid-trib viewpoint. But overall, I can discern the things they are saying is directed of the SPIRIT of the LORD who's called them (like  Dr. Owuor) to get the Word out about His coming, repentance, and holy living. Prophets/prophetesses are human. None is to be exalted or worshiped. We simply take heed to the words/warnings the Lord gives them to trumpet. The Word and the SPIRIT then bear witness with one another. In other words, there should be a witness in your spirit if you are SPIRIT-FILLED of the truth in a "Word" from the Lord!

But yes, the Lord dealt with me long ago about the many arguments "Christians"  have on pretty much all the rapture interactive sites today. Me?...I stay out of them. I say what the Lord is saying to me or speak when I agree with certain Words or the SPIRIT or message behind a Word or a dream, and I go on to the next post that interest me. I don't feel obligated to "follow" any of these people hook, line, and sinker because I don't personally KNOW any of them. Many times I don't even read the responses to my own posts in order to guard myself from alot of the crazy responses out there. I want to keep myself from being drawn into arguments which I understand to be sin.

I have corresponded several times with Elvi Zapata (but I can't say that I KNOW him).... He says on one of his videos that the enemy is right now after Christians even moreso than usual now assigning evil spirits and principalities possessing others, to get online and blog and perpetrate personalities to sow confusion with the purpose of leading Christians astray! He said it happened to Him! (Not that he was led astray..but that he was attacked by confusion and had to go to God to get it all off of him.) I believe this is true so we have to be very, very careful in these times, especially online. Above all, we have to be followers of Christ the King and His Word first and foremost!  As for me, its His Word and personal dealings with me that I cling to. I'm satisfied that we as servants of the Lord, never have to agree with all the tangents, pet beliefs, or personal revelations of another person in order to be 'in the unity of the faith.' And I also agree with you about not going out on a limb concerning everything we hear and read. (Paraphrase.) It seems like everybody has a theory. That fact alone harbors the potential for great danger. For the most part, if we read something questionable, just go on to something else. I've found if the Lord is trying to communicate a truth to me that's not in the Word of God, He will give me many personal confirmations. I put questionable theories in the "interesting reading" file or just throw them out altogether. The gift of discerning of spirits is so valuable right now.  

But Praise God, you and I are obviously in agreement about what the Spirit Of The Lord is saying overall right now ...that Jesus Is Coming...that the Rapture Is Imminent...that the Tribulation Is At The Door...that We Need To Be Living Clean and Holy Lives In Order To Be Ready...and that Daily Repentance Is Paramount!!! 

Blessings sis,
Michelle S.


Nicole (16 Jan 2012) 
"To Michelle S"


Sabrina & Susan believe in a mid-trib rapture and go with Ron Reese on his timeline which I do not.   The Lord has shown me that the blood moons in 2014/2015 are not signs of the end of the tribulation, but are the warnings for the Jews to flee to Petra from the antichrist and the enforcement of the mark.    And yes, while we have to go through trials and tribulation, I believe THE TRIBULATION is not until after the rapture.   Unfortunately, no matter of words or debates are changing my mind at this time.    But I respect their views because they believe in the rapture, they believe in holiness, they believe in the supernatural, they believe in watching.   I listen to everything they say anyways.   It is informative and they learn things from God that I need to hear. 

I believe that the Lord is telling Sabrina that this is the YEAR of the START of the tribulation.  And yes I read all of their letters and they are from God, no doubt about it.   The fire of the Holy Spirit is upon them and their friends.   But a small division over the pre-trib/mid-trib is a minor disagreement which is not going to matter soon, it is their message of salvation, holiness, being washed in the blood, and that THERE IS A RAPTURE that IS VERY TRUE AND IS THE RIGHT WAY TO GO.   Whether or not you believe in a pre-trib or mid-trib, this is the year of our deliverance.   I believe that.  

So many people on youtube are having arguments and the Lord told me to QUENCH them if I feel the need now to defend myself.   Some of the arguments I am seeing are and I do not agree with them:

1) The KJV is the ONLY version you can read.   I do not believe this because the Lord wanted us to carry the gospel to all languages to the world.   I do believe however that ANY version that has been written that minimizes the blood of Jesus, or is a version that puts their religion on it like Mormon Bible, then stay away from it.   Or if the publishing company of the Bible produces also the satanic bible and porn, clearly the Lord may be saying something may be up with that specific version in that particular language.  

2) The names of Jesus and God all have to be replaced with their Hebrew names in the Bible or you are praying to Zeus since Jesus is derived from Ieosus and that is derived from Zeus.   I do not believe this, because Jesus knows our hearts.   And when you want to love Him and please Him, He corrects you.   But He is not going to scold a baby who calls Him Jesus.   It is like when I was a baby, I called my grandmother, "Ma."   It was soon after that that my entire family forgot her real first name and thousands of people called her Ma.  I am sure that is what I will call her in Heaven.   Believe me, the Lord knows if you are worshiping Him or Zeus. 

3) You cannot celebrate Christmas because it is a pagan holiday.   I do not believe this.  Jesus was visited by the Magi on 12/25 2 BC when he was 6 months old and they brought Him gifts.   The enemy has hijacked the holiday by making you think that you need to be brought gifts, that you are your own king, your own god.   If we took back Christmas, we would be bringing our King gifts.   And yes, the merger of the tree into Christmas with the lights was because Constantine made it forbidden not to be a Christian, and the druids decided to try to merge Winter Solstice with Christmas and not be arrested.   So we can as Christians merge Hanukkah with Christmas without a tree.   Or you can ask the Lord if He wants you to have a Christmas tree at all which maybe it is a symbol of the cross of calvary?    That is a personal thing.
4) That you cannot have pictures of Jesus because that is not His real face, it is the face of Santander Emmanuel and we have been lied to.   I do not believe this, because the Shroud of Turin IS THE REAL face of Jesus.   There will be a false Jesus in the tribulation who will fulfill the Islamic prophecies and he will be Santander Emmanuel.   He will tell the world that he is only a prophet and will then align himself with the false prophet.   Many people will be confused because they put their hope in Jesus, and then think that He is not God.  And many will fall away from the faith and take the mark of the beast.   This is going to be a HUGE problem for the Jehovah's Witnesses because they do not consider Jesus to be God, they consider Him to be separate and they consider Satan and Jesus to be brothers.  Satan is a fallen angel, and Jesus is God.   This is where many Jehovah's Witnesses will end up taking the mark of the beast.   Now there are faces that are a little distorted but the Lord will correct you.   The Mormons really put emphasis on Joseph Smith, so I really don't use that picture of Jesus.   For some reason every time I see the movie of The Passion of the Christ the face really almost matches the Shroud and I get chills.   Jesus is VERY handsome, think of the movie One Night With the King....He is VERY HANDSOME, very strong and so beautiful that you won't want to keep your eyes off Him.   He is WORTHY to be loved, worthy to be worshiped forever and ever and ever. 

5) There will be no rapture of the church.   I do not believe this, because there are those that are invited and have been visited by Jesus Christ Himself with an invitation.   Those that do not believe do not want to go to the feast, they feel guilty about their sins and feel that they need to pay for them.   It is too hard for them to imagine that through repentance, holiness, salvation and His blood that it is enough to go in the rapture.   Or maybe they do not think they can sit and read the Bible, fast, pray in tongues, or even stop some of their addictions.   We do not know these people and what they struggle with.   But a close Christian friend of mine told me that he had struggled with porn for MANY years.   I would have never known, because the Lord does not reveal everything to me.   That was none of my business nor did I want to know.  

6) The blood of Jesus is enough to cover your sins for the rapture if you said the salvation prayer.    I do not believe that willful sinning and proclaiming to be saved is salvation.   I believe there is a difference between a person who gets saved, repents of their addictions and major sins that kept them from the cross, and then takes up their cross to follow Jesus no matter where that road leads and stumbles and gets up again....VERSUS a person who says a salvation prayer and then goes back to drinking, gambling, strip clubs, drugs, cigarettes, bi-sexuality/homosexuality, abortion, sleeping around, porn, provocative clothing, etc and not being convicted at all or hearing the conviction and not doing anything about it.   And I think that this is where the division over the Rapture/No Rapture disagreements come into play is because of sin in a person's life and where they stand with the Lord.    I also believe that a person can walk away from their faith by willful sinning.   I met Jesus in 1998 and turned from my sins.   However in 1999 I went back to worse sins than before and Jesus showed me that I would have gone to a WORSE hell because I had met Him and very few people EVER got that chance.   This is why the enemy wants the Bride to be left behind after the rapture, because we have gotten this far and this close to Jesus.   If we are left behind, there is a HUGE chance most would fall away from the faith and because we knew Jesus would suffer a worse torment of hell than the average person.   This does not make sense at all.   We should not fall away at this point in our lives, the finish line is too close. 

The reason why is that the Lord told my son on the first day of January that IT IS HERE.  BE READY.   I believe we are in birth bangs to be pushed to the brink to the bottom of ourselves to see if we want Jesus and the rapture, or if we want more judgment.   Do we want more tsunami waves and THE TRIBULATION or do we want to swim to the ledge of safety of the rapture.   Let us adhere to the teachings of Dr. David Owuor and prepare in holiness.   His ministry is very good that they do not want to be caught up in pre-trib and mid-trib but to BE READY.