Michelle S (14 Jan 2012)
"Doves, Nicole....the tribulation IS here!"

Hi Nicole,

I agree with what you are saying the tribulation will be like and that we are not technically in the tribulation yet, but do you remember what Sabrina prophesied a week or so ago, that "the birth pangs are over..this is tribulation." http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/jan2012/sabrina14.htm I think she was speaking in the same light that Jonathan Kleck and alot of us (I'm regularly ministering to family and friends) are speaking about when we speak of the coming of Jesus in the rapture, ... that "This Is It. This Is It. This Is It!!!"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW9Rlf3IF20  "Now is the time," "Jesus Is Coming Now!," etc. If the rapture is at the door..it means the days of the tribulation are also here...at the door. Not the literal count of tribulation days,  but the reality of the tribulation being at the door is here now as well. So both are true. If what we are saying is true regarding this being the season of the rapture, then the same is true regarding this being the season of the tribulation since it directly follows the rapture! That's why so many are having the tribulation dreams. Jesus wants us to warn the lukewarm and unbelieving ones of what is directly ahead if they don't repent NOW!

I've been tracking the movement of the Spirit of God in the way the Lord first began pouring out rapture dreams in large numbers to His people somewhere around Rosh Hoshanah 2009, then the tribulation dreams which started in large numbers just before Rosh Hashanah 2011, now more and more people are starting to have dreams/visions/spiritual tours of what heaven is actually like! I'm also seeing that since the New Year started, the Lord has been speaking in more "final"..."days"..."urgent"..."here"..."now".."this is it," terms to His people. The Lord doesn't want us to be in shock when we instantly transform from mortality to immortality. So as we prepare for Him, He's preparing us as well because... "the time has come!!!" "This Is It!"  "We are literally in our final days before the rapture occurs!" ...Definitely it's time to be on the lookout -- the rapture and tribulation are at the door!

Michelle S.

--Obviously signs, signs and more signs of the tribulation being here in some sense are depicted in the ridiculousness of some of  today's leading headlines. ...Sounds like Matthew 24 and the days of Noah...

      Police:  California woman bites 2 children at bookstore                                   Texas mom sentenced to 45 years for killing 6-year-old son
    Man who tried to bury fiancée alive gets 20 years in prison
      3 killed in North Carolina workplace shooting
       Japan to test radiation in breast milk
     Drought poses risk to corn, soybeans in Argentina

     29 dead in Brazil floods

     Ahmadinejad defends nuclear program on Latin America trip

     Two years on, Haiti still reeling from quake
     Gay in America

Nicole (13 Jan 2012) 
"We are not in the tribulation yet"

I know that some people are saying we have almost completed the first 3 1/2 years, but we have not started the tribulation yet.

Guys, the tribulation will be SO HEINOUS that this is CHILD's PLAY.    My son and I have seen once the rapture has happened, that for the NWO to begin the first 3 1/2 years, that people will not know what to do.   People will start losing their minds.   We have seen the rise of gangs and street warfare, people's homes being taken over with gang symbolism, famine so bad and hyperinflation like Germany, TSA agents at all the schools with pat downs and body scanners for high school and middle school students who were left behind, people stealing water from people's homes because water is higher than the price of gasoline, and women being raped and trying to find a man who will protect them, and people being chained to the back of cars and being drug down the highways.    This craziness is so that the antichrist can establish order with his police.   And this is what constitutes the antichrist police being stationed with their black hummers, a listening device and seeing everything in the homes/apartments of people on the street where they are stationed.    They will be able to collect data on people and start the mark of the beast by "marketing" it to them in the first half of the tribulation by saying are you tired of the hyperinflation?   Do you have debts you want to be forgiven?   And then it will be voluntary in the first half, and then they will force it to be mandatory.   

We are not in the tribulation yet, we are seeing the rise of the antichrist and the NWO and are to warn the people.   Once the tribulation starts, there will be no more clean living anymore.   And once the tribulation starts, those that are left behind that will be saved will see the Glory Cloud of God come into where the saints are dwelling.   The saints will be able to walk into the Glory Cloud of God and get healed, have prayers answered, multiply food and water.   We are not seeing this Glory Cloud yet because it is for the tribulation when there is no food.   The MASSIVE global famine is caused by the antichrist in order to get people to take the mark.   The water rationing and the water rates will skyrocket on purpose to comply with Agenda 21 in the United Nations so that the government can forcibly remove people from their homes and relocate them.   At first they are not going to necessarily move people to FEMA camps, but they will convert shopping malls into residences.   Think of Hurricane Katrina and everyone living in the Dome.