Michelle F (16 Jan 2012)
""Confirmation of the Confirmation",  Confirmation"

Like some, I read about the Lights going out in the football match.
Im In Australia, so I kind of thought that sounded like we were now "grasping at straws"
Then people like Patty , Rene and others were having their own confirmations.
I then read all of the 3,1,6 incidences of the Tebow game. HMMM that was interesting.
But then in the rural area I live in, the other night the government turned off the electricity to a 200km
area around a major rural town. For no real reason. The local supermarkets all lost their
cold goods, meat and frozen section. It had been a hot day so many had their
air conditioners on but we've had hotter. Their answer was "we may have run out of electricity"
Seriously in this day and age!!
Then the other night when I was reading Patty's letter I had my own "Aha" moment.
You see some of us dont get American football!!   But I do get confirmatio! n!!
Thank you Ron and all of you other people who have greater mathmatical skills than
I do for being faith full through this whole time.
Im still seeing alot of 11:11's