Mercer (7 Jan 2012)
"Nostradamus Revisited"

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Coping: Nostradamus Revisited

A note from my friend G.A. (Stu) Stewart, author of "The Age of Desolation" web site has been sending me notes recently about the curious "fill" of Nostradamus prophecies which seem to be arriving...and admitytedly he (and Clif) "called it" with regard to the new "anti-terrorism" laws...


Obama's signing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act makes him dictator for sure and Nostradamus' Black King... MABUS, the Third Antichrist.

Damn if my book isn't unfolding before my eyes... Since that is downright scary, I'm not taking any consolation on the possibility that I'm the first Nostradamus commentator in history to name one of his three Antichrist's without the benefit and hindsight of the historical record.

That basically means everybody better watch the f... out! Enemies lists, pogroms, night of the long knives... It's coming.

Russian Navy and the 6th Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean... the 5th Fleet and the Iranian Navy playing games around the Straits of Hormuz. This slow boil can't continue... It's got to pop soon. Looks like maybe Clif may be right about March.

There's a half-dozen Nostradamus predictions about Turkey and Greece going at it in the Spring time. Maybe the Eastern Med stuff will lead to Turkey and Greece duking it out over Cyprus."

Here lately I've been wondering if MABUS wasn't a clever play on Man After BUSh.


So, one of the last "tumblers" to fall into place would then be  the matter of the Black Pope which gets mentioned in this is and that. Those who follow this particular prophecy are no doubt watching the Pope's health lately, since the flurry of headlines about that last month.  We notice in the report that the "Pope will; skip Mexico City in upcoming Larin America trip" that the reason for skipping is given as "concern for the 84-year old pontiff's health."


But there is another possibility few seem to catch:  The "black Pope" is the term used for the head of the Jesuits/Society of Jesus, and the head of the S.J. retired recently (announced in 2008) and his replacement is Adolfo Nicholas.  He took over the job from former S.J. head Peter-Hans Kolvenbach who retired. 


This is one of those areas which prophecy students don't seem to address, namely whether the use of the term "black Pope" is symbolic, literal, or just how all that fits.  It could be argued many different ways, and whether Nostradamus was onto something ought to be clear in a few more Centuries.