Mercer (4 Jan 2012)
"That 2014-15 Tetrad"

It is interesting all the theories about the "tribulation" .
I know we are not in it. Sorry those who think we are...........I an one who was taken with the 8 tetrads since the birth of Christ. I think I was the first person to find 1948 encoded into the spacing of them
(Is_this_all_really_a_Coincidence.pdf} If you read you will see I so thought the tribulation would start in 2011. it did not. so i had to rethink the 1948.
I now have to re-evaluate what 1948 in those tetrads means......1+9+4+8=22, he number of Revelation.......The last tetrad is in 2014-15. I now suspect that 2014 is the START of the tribulation. 2015+ 7 = 2022. I had hoped that 2014-15 was the middle but I'm thinking it is the beginning of the tribulation. Don't loose heart....we can still be taken by our Groom this year.