MathMan (24 Jan 2012)
"Dru's Temple Outline, Gary's Nearness of Time, Gerlinda's Two Sets of Sounds, John Clark's Mystery Babylon Football, Kathy S' America in the Way, Charles Paragraph Breaks, Lon & Carmen's Encouragement, TJ Temple in Record Time"



 Dear Doves,


The below are various responses to other Doves comments and posts.  Please feel free to read any or all of them.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of your family!!  ALSO, THANK YOU JOHN for all you do for the Lord every day with this awesome website!!




Hi Dru,


Your article on the temple being a possibility versus a necessity was EXCELLENT!!




Hi Gary Newman,


Your article on the “nearness of time” was truly touching!!



Hi Gerlinda,


Excellent observation on two sets of sounds being heard around the world (one seemingly evil, the other one foreboding to those not watching).  I completely agree with you.  NICE JOB!!



Hi John Clark,


I agree with you that it is very interesting that the possible Mystery Babylon (New York) will play the NWO Incubator (New England)!!



Hi Kathy S,


I agree with your conclusion on America needing to “fall” for the One World Government to “rise” out of its ashes.  Indeed, this is why January 28th is being outlined with such passion!



Hi Charles,


Thank you SO MUCH for putting in paragraph breaks.  Really helps the readability of your observations!!



Hi Lon & Carmen,


Thank you for your observations!!  But also, thank you VERY MUCH for your encouraging words!!



Hi TJ,


Your observation on the Temple being built rapidly as ANOTHER POSSIBILITY for the end-times was very interesting:


There are so many ways that prophecy COULD be fulfilled.  However, it will be 100% fulfilled, that we ALL agree on!!






As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan