MathMan (20 Jan 2012)



 Dear Doves,


The New World Order sent an 11 day warning on January 17th.  As per usual, the warning was subtle, diabolical and gave considerable clues to what the NWO is planning.  Why an 11 day warning?  Well, it is obvious that the NWO LOVES to involve the number 11 in their dates.  The warning was delivered in, what seemed at first, to be a harmless, meaningless article in New York Times.  However, just a superficial scratch of the surface shows that it is SOOO much more than meaningless.  Here is the article for reference:


First I will quote some of this article as linked above and then I will explain why this represents a strong warning pointing, once again, to January 28th as the date for Sudden Destruction (immediately preceded by the Rapture):


“What were we to think here at City Room upon receiving an e-mail from a reader on Tuesday reporting something amiss among the roughly 200 international flags flown around the perimeter of the Rockefeller Center skating rink?  The Pakistani flag was being flown upside down, the tipster wrote in.  There, on the 49th Street side of the rink, in between the flags of Oman and Peru, hung the white and green colors of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  The white crescent moon was pointing down in its green field, instead of up. The star was at the bottom, not the top. The flag was upside down.  The mystery remained who did this, and why.  Flying a flag upside down can be considered a distress sign, though it can also interpreted as an act of disrespect.  In the rain on Tuesday afternoon (April 17th), with soaked flags partly wrapped around their poles and hard to see, no one in the sparse crowd seemed to notice.  John LaCamp, 30, and his wife, Nicole, 28, two bankers on vacation from Eugene, Ore., were persuaded by a reporter to look up at the flag, which they conceded they would not have recognized.  About 2 p.m., a Rockefeller Center guard walked over to the flag and pulled it down, shook it and hoisted it up again — still upside down.  A Rockefeller Center spokeswoman had no information about how long the flag had been inverted, but said in a statement late Tuesday afternoon: “Rockefeller Center follows the United Nations flag protocol. The matter has been corrected.”  Mr. Butt confirmed that the flag had been fixed and the issue resolved.”


Before I analyze the above, PLEASE DO NOT underestimate just how diabolical the NWO is.  The NWO is well funded and have resources that we simply can’t imagine at their disposal.  They are clever and think of themselves as if gods.  The NWO’s goal is to VASTLY reduce the world’s population, wishing to murder BILLIONS of people to do so.  This combination makes the people in the NWO cold, callous and blood thirsty.  Do not think for one second that they wouldn’t get their kicks about “warning” the world about the Sudden Destruction that they are about to unleash!!


On that note, please notice some of the warnings the NWO were secretly sending out:


-                     Rockefeller:  The Rockefeller family is the lynchpin of the NWO, wherein the One World Government organizations, such as the Council of Foreign Relations and many others, receive considerable support from David Rockefeller himself.  In turn, David Rockefeller is one of the richest men on the entire planet.  Therefore, you can rest assured that the Rockefeller Center skating rink is fully controlled by NWO interests and would know EXACTLY what happens there!!


-                     “There, on the 49th Street side of the rink, in between the flags of Oman and Peru, hung the white and green colors of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  The white crescent moon was pointing down in its green field, instead of up. The star was at the bottom, not the top.”:  Do you notice the unusual detail included in this article, outlining the location of the flag and other details?  I must admit that I am not really sure why these particular details were given.  However, if any reader has any ideas, I would love it if you wrote in and explained your thoughts on it!!


-                     The flag was being flown upside down:  As per the article, flying a flag upside down is considered a distress sign or perhaps an act of disrespect.  In this case, it is both.  Soon, the population to be destroyed by the NWO’s Sudden Destruction will be in COMPLETE DISTRESS.  However, the NWO will not even think twice or feel guilty, as they have complete disrespect for God’s creation.  The upside down flag is the perfect symbol of what the NWO has plans for on January 28th, distress and disrespect for life!!


-                     “Upside down”:  It is pointed out SEVERAL times that the flag is upside down.  This was on purpose.  Given that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is also controlled by the NWO, do not think for one second that all of the upside down references was just “another fluke”!!  This is ALL well thought out by these criminals.  The NWO is about to turn the world upside down!!


-                     “Pakistani Flag”:  It is interesting that the NWO chose to fly the Pakistani Flag upside down!!  Pakistan is the ONLY Muslim nation with nuclear weapons.  Given the tension over the Bin Laden assassination, is it possible that the NWO will later blame Pakistan for the Sudden Destruction to occur in the U.S.A. on January 28th?  While I have often minimized Pakistan in my end-times scenario, it is fascinating that this was the flag chosen!!  Suddenly, Pakistan has been placed on my radar screen.


-                     The Crescent of the Moon:  Now this point is CRUCIAL.  Read this one several times if you must.  Many, many Islamic flags show a crescent moon as a tribute to Allah, the moon “god”.  However, the crescent moon in the Islamic flag is ALWAYS a waning crescent.  However, by turning the flag upside down, the waning crescent instantly transforms into a waxing crescent.  On January 28th, the Jewish calendar shows Kislev 4.  In other words, we will be four days AFTER the new moon and will be a waxing crescent on that date.  Not only that, but on January 28th, the phase of the moon will IDENTICALLY match what the moon looks like on an upside down Islamic flag.  How brilliant!!  How diabolically clever!!


-                     Tourists persuaded to look by a reporter:  As mentioned above, the NWO controls the MSM.  Did you notice that a reporter persuaded the tourists to notice the “abomination” of the Pakistani flag?  Does this not symbolize the constant brain-washing of the ordinary man by the MSM on a daily basis, showing them what and how to think?  It was the reporter, controlled by the NWO, that made SURE that this upside down flag was noticed and reported!


-                     “About 2 p.m., a Rockefeller Center guard walked over to the flag and pulled it down, shook it and hoisted it up again — still upside down”:  This was the oddest sentence in the article.  Just in case you didn’t get what the NWO was telling you the first time, the NWO is saying, I will take the flag down, shake it, and hoist it right back up again upside down.  In other words, we will do as we please, when we please, and if we want to turn the world upside down on January 28th, step aside, because you will not be stopping us.  Indeed, the Bible confirms that Obama and the NWO will be successful in doing just that!!


-                     “Rockefeller Center follows the United Nations flag protocol”:  The Rockefeller Center follows UN protocol because the NWO is the one that created the UN protocol.  This is their official response.  Indirectly, they are telling everyone that, soon, very soon, ALL will be following UN protocol (except us, of course – we’ll be in New Jerusalem thanking Jesus with all of our souls for getting us off this earth just before the Sudden Destruction hit).


I am positive that there is other symbolism in this article, but this pretty well nails it.  However, for your information, I will re-summarize VERY briefly, the NWO signs to date (you will have to examine past posts by Ron Reese and me to get more details on this):


-                     9/11/2001:  This is when it all started, when the Towers, themselves shaped into a number 11, fell while the world cried.  This is when we gave up our rights and freedoms for peace and security, just like the NWO knew we would.


-                     11/8-9/2010:  EXACTLY 3333 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 days after 9/11/2001, a missile is mysteriously launched off of the California coast, terrifying onlookers.  This is the one year warning!!  Notice that the day difference represents two separate sets of 3333s!!


-                     11/9/2011:  EXACTLY 3333 + 333 + 33 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 days after 9/11/2001, the first ever National Emergency Test is made, with Lady Gaga singing about Paparazzi right after (Paparazzi = Big Brother = you won’t be able to hide).  This is the first of four separate NWO warnings!!  Notice that 11/9 is the reverse of 9/11!!  Each of the four warning will be EXACTLY 3 weeks inclusive, making up another set of 3333s!!  Notice that the time lapse has 13 separate 3’s in it, as well as two separate sets of 3333s!!  Simply diabolical!!


-                     11/29/2011:  Exactly 3 weeks inclusive from the first warning, the second ever National Emergency Test is made, this time with Kate Perry singing about California right after.  This is the second of four separate NWO warnings!!  Notice that 11/29/2011 = 11/2+9/22 = 11/11/11, where the NWO LOVES to do stuff on dates with 11 in it!!


-                     12/19/2011:  Once again, exactly 3 weeks inclusive from the second warning, this is the night the lights went out in San Francisco.  This is the night the Candlestick (park) was blown out, landing directly on Hanukkah eve, wherein candlesticks, the center one representing Jesus, is the focus.  This is just days after Obama marked the Hanukkah ceremony at the White House!  Wouldn’t Satan LOVE to “blow out” Jesus in the same manner (fat chance for that)!!


-                     1/8/2012:  After much fan fare on Five Doves, we had MANY watchers seeing if, once again, the NWO would give their fourth warning right on time – January 8th.  Sure enough, exactly 3 weeks inclusive from the third warning, this is the very day that the DEFCON alert status was raised from 5 to 4 (more severe).  This is unusual as such upgrades usually occur at the beginning of the month.  The last time a mid-month update occurred was in 2010.  Note that the time of the upgrade was EXACTLY 3pm, another 3.  This is also the date that the NWO, through the U.S. government, announced that they would do ANYTHING it took to keep the Strait of Hormuz open!!


-                     1/28/2012:  Four 3 week inclusive warnings were already made leading up to this.  The next 3 week inclusive period ends DIRECTLY on January 28th, completing a 81 day = 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 pattern, two separate 3333s!!  This also “just happens” to match Kislev 24 + 40 days, but most importantly, also the Day of Atonement 2015 less 1335 days.  January 28th is therefore both a strong Biblical date AND a strong NWO date.  This makes sense as the Rapture, which is THE Biblical event (for the Church), will immediately precede the Sudden Destruction, which is THE NWO event (for the left behind).  How perfectly planned, the very signature of our mighty Lord!!!!


But there is further confirmation!!  On 1/11/2012, a prominent Iranian scientist was assassinated.  This MAY end up being the very first shot of WW III.  This is EXACTLY 13 weeks from 1/11/2012 is 4/11/2012, the day that President Obama will be crowned king of the world and leader of the NWO!!  It has been rumored that the NWO would use a 13 week period of WW III to usher in Obama as their long awaited false messiah and this event seems to verify it.


The evilness of the numbers 3333 and 13 have been explained in great detail in many of Ron Reese’s and my other posts!!  Not only that, but the pattern is undeniable AND it matches prophecy!!  What more could we ask for!!  As a reminder, Revelation 3:3 specifically implies that, if we watch, we will KNOW the hour in which He will come.  But don’t take my word for it.  Grab the Bible and read this awesome verse for yourself.




As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan