MathMan (2 Jan 2012)
"The 1335 Days - A Dual Prophecy?"


Dear Doves,
I suggest that we do not get too hung up about the 1335 days as used in Ron Reese's awesome calculations pointing towards January 28, 2012 as the possible date for Rapture / Sudden Destruction.  All of the brilliant scientists can't reproduce even a single cell organism, so let us not limit God's brilliance.  This could simply be a "Dual or Multiple Prophecy" that God sometimes does.  If so, this time period could easily relate to both (a) the 1335 days to Christ's return  to Jerusalem from the start of the Sudden Destruction (Day of Atonement 2015) AND (b) the 1335 days to Christ's annointing from the day the Anti-Christ becomes "king of the world" / "rises from the dead" (Hanukkah 2015).
Do I know this for a fact?  Absolutely not.  Nobody KNOWS with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY the exact meaning of the 1335 days as God purposely left it vague.  However, I simply refuse to limit the magnificence and brilliance of our Lord and Master to say it HAS to be one or the other!!
God bless you all.  MARANATHA!!
YbiC, MathMan