MathMan (17 Jan 2012)
"Cathy D's Tebow Comments, Paul Wilson's New Jerusalem Population Estimate; Nicole's Mid-Trib vs Pre-Trib Clarification, BG Ellis MathMan Links, Leigh's Encouragement, A BIG HUG TO NATALIE!!"



 Dear Doves,


The below are various responses to other Doves comments and posts.  Please feel free to read any or all of them.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of your family!!  ALSO, THANK YOU JOHN for all you do for the Lord every day with this awesome website!!




Hi Cathy,


Thank you for your interesting post and your compliments on my outline of Tebow’s statistics.  I found this article ABSOLUTELY THRILLING to research and write.  WHAT A GREAT LORD WE SERVE TO SEND SUCH A STRONG LAST MINUTE ALTAR CALL TO A FALLEN WORLD!!!!




Hi Paul,


Your New Jerusalem Population Estimates were very interesting and mostly matched my estimates (which I have never published):


However, I calculated a wider range of 4 billion to 8 billion, which contains and verifies your calculations.  My wide range is due to the fact that I just found it impossible to know to what extent the grace of the Lord will encompass.


The only improvement I would suggest to your estimates is to perhaps add some more children into the mix in order to take into account miscarriages.  My wife had several miscarriages between the births of our two children and I REALLY look forward to meeting them soon!!  As a matter of fact, I have twice the number of kids waiting for me in heaven (four miscarriages) than the two that I have here on earth!!  Obviously, our situation is unique, but I am sure there are MANY others with similar experiences.  Just to make sure you know this, I thought you did a great job with your estimates, so please take my comments as a compliment!!




Hi Nicole,


I completely acknowledge and fully understand that in no way were you being disrespectful or confrontational with your Mid-Trib comments, so I am DEFINITELY not writing a reply with any concerns on my part.  Nonetheless, I need to clarify some beliefs of mine that some Doves may find unsettling if I do not.


Classic “Mid-Trib Raptue” believers, in general, feel that the Church will be persecuted by the Anti-Christ before the Mid-point & that they will see at least some of God’s wrath in order to be further “cleansed” for the Rapture (some point to both the seals and at least some of the trumpets).  However, I (and I know Ron Reese feels the same way) do NOT, in any way, shape or form, believe that the Church will have to suffer any of God’s wrath OR be persecuted by the Anti-Christ.  What makes my (and Ron Reese, BG Ellis, Gerry Almond and others) viewpoints “unique” is that we simply believe that the Post-Rapture Tribulation Period will be substantially less than the 7 years so many are stuck on (1335 days to be precise).


As such, we are NOT, and never have been, Mid-Tribbers.  We are simply listening to Progressive Revelation as it unfolds.


In other words, I always have been, and remain, a firm and 100% believer in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture!!  I just wanted to clarify this, without any doubt, in order to provide comfort to anyone who may be reading what we are writing and may feel that we are promoting something other than the Pre-Tribulation Rapture philosophy that so reflects the mercy of Jesus!!




Hi BG Ellis,


Thanks for all of your links to some of my prior posts.  The more people that read these articles, the BETTER!!  Our time is short!!


By the way, it is AMAZING how much information you have included in this post!!


On another note, while I agree with you that water baptism is important and a GREAT sign of obedience and we should all do it after we are saved, I do not believe it is a requirement of salvation or to be Raptured.  We should not forget that the thief on the cross made it to heaven SIMPLY by acknowledging Jesus in the way required!!  That being said, I do believe that, if the thief had time to, he would have also WANTED to be water baptized, in order to show his public gratitude to the Lord for saving him from the bottomless pit!!




Hi Leigh,


Thanks for your encouraging words and sharing your thoughts.  Your love for the Lord is obvious, inspirational AND beautiful!!




Hi Natalie,


My heart TRULY went out to you on your feelings of heart break that none of your friends or family will listen to you on the danger signs pointing to the Rapture.  I also loved your analogy:


Soon, those you have spoken with on this subject will realize how right you were and will later come to appreciate your obvious love for the Lord.  As an added bonus, you will soon be rewarded for your efforts by our Great Lord!!  I am positive that many who would not listen to you will later become Tribulation Saints because of what you warned them about.  God bless you for your heartfelt message!!






As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan