MathMan (14 Jan 2012)
"Q&A on 2015 including:  Nicole's "No Trib" Yet, Matt M's Anti-2015 Timeline Arguments, Robert Belanger's Nazi Analogy, Sharon Kaiser's Late January Pointer, Kent Crumpler's April 10th Rapture Date, KML's Dream Numbers"


 Dear Doves, 

As I have said in many prior posts, I believe the 2015 timeline for Christ’s return makes COMPLETE mathematical sense.  The matching of the Scriptures with real world events, especially the history of Israel & Jerusalem, is just too conclusive to ignore.  Indeed, if you haven’t done it yet, please read the following three posts this weekend explaining the ASTRONOMICAL ODDS that 2015 HAS to be THE YEAR for our Savior’s return!!


Following the links provided will be a bunch of answers to people who have questions on this timeline (questions are ENCOURAGED, not discouraged).  I am POSITIVE that, even though the answers are addressed to certain people, that some of the questions you may also have will be answered at the same time.  As such, I strongly encourage you to read this entire post!!  This post is titled, “Probability of the Rapture occurring before April 11, 2012 is 6,899,999,999 out of 6.9 Billion!!”  This post is titled, “To RITA Now Readers - Why I continue to be unreasonable by believing that 2015 will be the year of return for Jesus”, and lays out the facts on 2015 being the certain year for the return of Jesus  This post is titled, “Probability Obama is the Anti-Christ is 150 million TRILLION to one!!”


The three posts above illustrate with 100% conclusiveness that Jesus will take over this sin filled world on September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement.  This will happen when He destroys the Anti-Christ, the possessed President Obama (who will now be the ruler of the One World Government), on that very same day.  Even more information and background on this timeline is included in the following website by Ron Reese:  This site also includes INCREDIBLE SCRIPTURAL EVIDENCE pointing towards the Rapture / Sudden Destruction on January 28, 2012!!


Nicole’s “No Trib” Yet


Hi Nicole,


In your post yesterday (, you outlined that you did not believe the Tribulation has started yet.  Just to clarify, I COMPLETELY agree with you!!  While I am, and always will be, a FIRM Pre-Trib Rapture proponent, I simply no longer believe in a Post Rapture SEVEN Year Period (instead, it will be only 1335 days as per Daniel 12:12).  The above linked posts CONFIRM that we are already in the final 7 years.  I know this is hard for some to accept as this timeline doesn’t “fit” into our pre-conceived notion of how things are to unfold.  As linked above, my “unreasonable” adherence to 2015 is outlined in the following post:


Nonetheless, even though I do not believe in a Post Rapture SEVEN Year Period, I would like to confirm, without a doubt, that I am NOT “Pre-Wrath” or “Mid-Trib”!!  Both of these theories believe that the Church will have to endure at least some persecution by the Anti-Christ, President Obama.  I believe we will be Raptured before this EVER happens (AND WE WILL BE RAPTURED SOON - in approximately two weeks to be precise – I am POSTIVE of this and it is growing every day)!!


Matt M’s Anti-2015 Timeline Arguments


Hi Matt M,


In your post yesterday (, you outlined that you did not believe that we are in the Tribulation yet.  Please see my answer to Nicole above and you will see that I completely agree with you.  Your other arguments, while I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from, are based on incorrect theological conclusions and NOT on what the Bible truly says.  The mathematics and Scriptural references in the above referenced articles are conclusive that we are, indeed, in the final 7 years (but NOT in the Tribulation – we will be Raptured before ANY Tribulation / Wrath begins).  Point by point, I would like to take the time to counter argue your concerns (and I THANK YOU for taking the time to write this out!!):


-                     “The Rapture of the Church must take place first”:  AGREED – and we SHOULD be, with almost complete mathematical certainty, Raptured on January 28, 2012.  Then, and only then, will the Tribulation commence, and will be the worst 1335 days in history!!


-                     “The Anti-Christ must confirm a 7 year peace covenant with Israel”To come to this CONCLUSION from Daniel 9:27 is NOT SCRIPTURAL!!  While this COULD have been one of MANY possible interpretations of Daniel 9:27, this was never what Daniel 9:27 HAD to mean.  Indeed, now we KNOW this is not what Daniel 9:27 meant.  Conclusively, a covenant was made for a week on October 29, 2008 between then-President Elect Barack Hussein Obama and the world promising to change the world “in a week” to over 33 million U.S. viewers, as well as untold broadcasts of this speech to the world (he used the phrase “this final week THREE times!!).  Daniel 9:27 says NOTHING of a peace treaty and says NOTHING of Israel having to be involved.  Read my full post on this exact subject and I am positive you will agree:!!


-                     “The Anti-Christ will bring a false peace and prosperity to the first 42 months”:  I fully agree with you that the Anti-Christ will come in on a platform of peace during his initial rise.  Indeed, this is exactly what happened.  The Anti-Christ was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in his very first few days in office before even doing anything of substance.  However, to believe that there would be ANY prosperity “Post Rapture” is NEVER taught in the Bible.  The evidence is FIRMLY pointing towards an economic disaster of “Biblical proportions” and President Obama’s response is to pay lip service and allow his rich buddies to continue their pilfering of the tax payers.  Matt, quite simply, the 42 month period in which this “prosperity” is supposedly supposed to happen is NEVER taught in the Bible!!


-                     “The Anti-Christ will perform supernatural miracles or signs and wonders”:  AGREED – and President Obama will, perhaps not until Satan takes over his body – AFTER WE ARE RAPTURED IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!


-                     “The Two Witnesses (Elijah and ?) will show up to preach the Gospel”:  AGREED!  BUT NOT UNTIL AFTER THE RAPTURE.  The Two Witnesses 1260 day ministry will overlap with the Anti-Christ 1260 day world rule.  Now, you may say that these periods MUST be sequential.  However, this is NOT in the Bible!!  To say there CAN’T be overlap of these two “ministries” (one good, one evil) is NON-SCRIPTURAL!!  By the way, while I agree that Elijah will, IMO, MOST LIKELY be one of the two witnesses, your CONCLUSION that Elijah MUST BE one of the witnesses is also NON-SCRIPTURAL!!


-                     “The 144.000 sealed jews from the twelve tribes will preach the Gospel”:  AGREED – and they will – AFTER WE ARE RAPTURED IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!


-                     “Establishment of a one world government and one world religion”:  AGREED.  The set up of the One World Government and the One World Religion will occur in the 75 days between the Rapture / Sudden Destruction on January 28th and Obama being “crowned” king of the world on April 11th


-                     “Angels will again present themselves to mankind to preach the Gospel”:  AGREED – and they will – AFTER WE ARE RAPTURED IN THE NEAR FUTURE, BUT BEFORE THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS ENFORCED!!


-                     “Elijah will sanction the rebuilding of the Third Temple”:  This is another NON-SCRIPTURAL teaching.  Both Sherry Vance ( and Ron Reese have made excellent arguments that this is simply ONE INTERPRETATION of many possibilities.  This is the common conclusion of well-meaning prophecy experts, but is not TRULY a Biblical fact (merely speculation).


Matt, God Himself said to Daniel (through His angel, Gabriel) that MANY things would be revealed right at the end.  As such, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to “commonly accepted interpretations” as made in the past that have been carried on.  Especially now that the history of Israel & Jerusalem CLEARLY shows us that other interpretations NOW make MUCH MORE sense.  This is due to Progressive Revelation.


However, just to clarify, such Progressive Revelation must NEVER contradict Scripture.  We (Ron Reese, Gerry Almond, myself and others) are VERY careful that we do not contradict Scripture.  I would not tolerate it if we did – God is MUCH more important me than EVER forcing my opinion on others.  As God is now revealing, the mathematical odds that MANY of the common interpretations from the past MUST be wrong are just too overwhelming to ignore (and matches the prophecy of “revelation JUST before the end” perfectly)!!


Robert Belanger’s Nazi Analogy


Hi Robert,


Excellent work drawing another Nazi analogy to the End-Times (  Indeed, the second of 20 signs I had listed pointing towards a January 28th Rapture ( also uses a Nazi analogy.  For your information, I repeat this as follows:


“2)  January 1942 to September 1945:  This represents the precise Month / Year that the “Final Solution” of the “Jewish Problem” was enacted by the Nazis to the precise Month / Year of when WWII ended


Note 1:  There was a 1322-day difference between these two historical events, which is only 13 days different from the 1335 days from January 28, 2012 to September 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement 2015)

Note 2:  Notice that, if you add 70 years to both the above dates (with 70 being a VERY Biblical number in itself), you arrive at January 2012 to September 2015

Note 3:  You will notice that this is a remarkably accurate map of the January 28, 2012, to September 23, 2015 timeline as proposed.”


I believe that the Lord gave the world a glimpse of how bad it is going to be during the final 1335 days before Christ’s rescue mission on September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement!!  However, as bad as the Nazi’s were, the NWO, led by the Anti-Christ, a soon-to-be Satan-possessed President Obama, will be MUCH worse by SEVERAL degrees of magnitude!!


Sharon Kaiser’s Late January Pointer


Hi Sharon,


I agree with you that Carl Worline makes an excellent case for a late January Rapture (  However, I disagree with the January 20th date.  Indeed, the 15th of 20 signs pointing towards a January 28th Rapture ( uses the same Lunar Eclipse as a signpost that Carl does.  For your information, I repeat this as follows:


“15)  12/10/2011:  Most Spectacular Blood Red Moon Total Eclipse in CENTURIES


Note 1:  This equals EXACTLY 49 days to January 28, 2012.

Note 2:  49 days = 7 x 7 days (7 is God’s number for perfection) = 7 weeks, similar to Daniel 9 timing used to establish Day of Atonement 2015

Note 3:  49 is the number of years in a Leviticus Jubilee period.”


Kent Crumpler’s April 10th Rapture Date


For the 20 reasons listed in the post as reference twice above, I believe that there is an EXTREMELY HIGH probability that we will be Raptured just before the Sudden Destruction on January 28th.  However, if we are not, AND THAT IS A BIG IF, then any date before April 11th would be a good one for the Rapture, including April 10th.  However, I remain skeptical of April 10th as I am convinced that time will be needed to put in One World Government AFTER the Rapture, but Prior to Obama being “crowned” the king of the world (the Anti-Christ).  How much time?  75 days makes sense and it is Scriptural (1335 days of Daniel 12:12 – 1260 day reign of the Anti-Christ ending on September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement = 75 days from January 28th to April 11th!!).


KML’s Dream Numbers




The only comment I have is that the number 83 in your dream could be warning us that the Psalm 83 war could be occurring soon.  Otherwise, I do not really have any comment on this number or the several other numbers you had listed.  As always, unless I have some calling to do so by the Holy Spirit, I will not pretend to know something that I do not.  Unfortunately, this is one of those occasions.  Hence, my lack of information to help you.


As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan