Mary Brown (23 Jan 2012)
"Please Pray for Bob"

Please Pray for Bob

January 20, 2012
Holly Deyo

Yesterday a man phoned after hearing Steve's interview on Coast To Coast AM sharing that he'd never heard that program before and just 'happened onto' it. As he shared his story, it was obvious Bob is a humble, devout Christian – man who has seen many challenges of late.

A few years ago his wife left him for another man and during the course of the divorce, he lost his very successful log home business. Bob, at 70, has no hobbies, so without a wife or business, he spends his time reading the Bible and handing out "path to salvation" tracts. Bob purchases 500 of these written messages every single week and goes into all parts of town – and obviously some unsavory areas – to hand them out.

Since he is in a tourist town, Bob sees many opportunities for outreach. He doesn't proselytize or preach, but with each pamphlet pressed into their hands, he reassures "God loves you".

A few nights ago, he was handing out tracts in front of a tavern when out came two black men. Bob gave them a pamphlet and uttered his customary "God loves you". The two started down the sidewalk, turned and hollered, "Hey you, we came down here to drink, not to get preached to!" They then began beating him unmercifully, knocking out some teeth and breaking bones.

Bob is recovering, undeterred, and wants in the worst way to do the Lord's work again as he sees this is his mission. Bob shared that he too, like most Christians, feels time is short and we must do all we can to save every single soul before Heaven's door slams shut.

Bob asked for nothing during our conversation except that we pray for him. If your heart is so moved, please do so.

Thanks, Holly