Mary Anna (20 Jan 2012)
"Why Mormons say they're Christians"

(emphasis by ma)
Tricia Erickson is the author of Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus the Office of The Presidency of the United States Of America.

"I grew up as a Mormon bishop's daughter, so I know how they think; I know how they program their members," she accounts. "Mormonism is no different than any other cult. It's very likened to Islam because they're not really allowed to have critical thinking."

And Erickson says the LDS Church wants the outside world to think it is part of Christendom. "If they are termed as Christians, they're more acceptable, which would make a Mormon president more acceptable to the American people," she explains. "So this has been a plan all along for Mormons -- to assimilate into Christendom -- over the last five years, or maybe longer."