Mark Poole (4 Jan 2012)
"Prayer Request"

I have been a long time reader of the Dove’s site and have only posted a couple of times.  I developed renal cancer several years ago (about 7) and have had several surgeries to remove growths for my kidney and lung. I was on a drug called Sutent for the last year but my last scan determined that it is no longer keeping  things stable and the tumors have grown.  They are still manageable and I am starting on a new course of treatment next week.  I have always said that everything is in God’s hands and he doesn’t keep us on this earth a second more or a second less than we are supposed to.  Ultimately all healing comes from God, whether it is in the form of a miracle or through the gifts that he gives the doctors, nurses, scientists and technicians that develop treatments.  The best medicine is prayer and I am asking that for me and my family.  If interested, you can also check out my CaringBridge site at

Thanks- Mark