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> > i've been an avid reader of Marilyn's staggering scholarship since 1991 when I first stumbled across her books. I've corresponded with her frequently, and, in the process, become her friend and admirer.
Wow! thanks. It sure is nice to be appreciated. I've studied all my life for myself, because I had a hunger to know all that I could about certain things I was interested in. When books on nutrition started overlapping to the point that I lost interest, I turned to the Bible and never stopped.
This is one book that you can't ever plumb the depths of and understand it all. There is so much information there, one lifetime is not enough to dig it all out. God had to inspire it. If man tried to put all that information down, a warehouse couldn't hold all the books. It took God to pack it all into one book small enough to carry around.
God knew what he was doing when he got us to move to California from Oak Ridge, TN. We bought our first house in La Mirada, and then BIOLA built their La Mirada campus within bike riding distance. I had the use of all their Seminary Collection at my fingertips. I read the Bible all the way through first to protect me against getting led astray, then exhausted the Bethany Baptist Church Library. After that, I spent 7 years reading about an 18" stack every week from BIOLA's library. What a wonderful start that was. I am forever grateful for that opportunity that apparently just fell into my lap, but I'm sure the Lord arranged it.
When we were looking for a house, Ed's brother, who lived in Fullerton, said that he liked the houses in La Mirada. We did too, and bought there in spite of having to pick up mail at the train station at first. Ours was the 3rd tract built there. It had been an olive orchard. There was an olive tree in almost every yard.
Could olives have been a sign? There was one at this house in Riverside when we moved in too. When Ed had run for city council in La Mirada, the olive trees were blooming, and he became allergic to them, so we took it out.
If we are the olive harvest, Hanukkah 2012 will start Sun Dec 9. It would be over before winter, and John 10:22 said it was winter. That would be before the Aztec Calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012. That will be winter.
I hope we don't have to wait that long. I'll have to give Ascension Day (May 17, 2012) and Pentecost (May 27, 2012) more thought. Let me know if you have any ideas on when the Rapture might be. It can't come too soon.
David dreamed of he and I going up in the Rapture without Ed. That seems to be coming true. I had misunderstood and thought he dreamed of the 3 of us going up, but he said he hated to tell me, but it was just the 2 of us. I said that I hoped Ed would make it, but he didn't. We just have to trust the Lord. Somehow, in the end, we will find out that he knows best. His reasons are beyond what we can figure out sometimes.
Back to my story. When a friend got too sick to manage her Good News Club, I took it over. Dave accepted Christ at her club, so I knew it could make a permanent difference in kid's lives. I kept it until some time after they were in Jr. High.
That friend let me read all her library of books on the Bible too. She had attended a Bible College. In the end, she donated them to a church and they named their new library after her. She gave me my first Scofield Bible.
A girl that helped her with her Good News Club and I got together often and listened to RB Thieme's tapes. Now there was a man that spent all his time studying. We attended his conferences when in the Los Angeles area and taped the messages. I'm certain that all this was arranged by the Lord to expose me to good Bible teaching.
On board ship coming home from Japan after WW II, Ed had prayed for a Christian wife. The Lord chose me, you couldn't get a stronger Christian, but his mother and step-father lived in Kingsport, TN. I lived in Terre Haute, IN.
The Lord had to get my dad transferred from Vigo Ordinance to Holston Ordinance Works 4 miles out of Kingsport, TN. Then the Lord had to get both families to move out of town to staff quarters at "Area B." They made B compound explosive, so explosive, they had to cut it with RDX. Ed's step-father was over vehicles. Dad was Safety Engineer. Ed and I met when walking up the hill after getting off the city bus. We married when he was in his first year at Univ of Tennesse and I was in my senior year at Dobyns-Bennett High School in Kingsport. We had to keep it a secret until I got my diploma, then we moved into a bedroom apartment near UT. After Ed graduated, and was working on his Masters, he got called back into the army. After that, he worked for Union Carbide at Oak Ridge. We came to California from there in 1955 because Ed's family had moved here. Yet, the Lord was behind it all. He had to get me near BIOLA's library.
> > I have no idea if Ed had insurance
He didn't, that was dropped when our world caved in and we lost the Yorba Linda house. He was a veteran of WW II and the Korean Conflict. He will be cremated and buried in the Riverside National Cemetery 5 miles from our house. His brother is there. I have a site reserved there on top of Ed if I need it too. I didn't know they did that.
Our daughter, our son, and his daughter have all contributed money to make this possible. Lucky I had been saving my letter paying the April 10 taxes to take to the post office and send return receipt requested. I still had that in my bank account. I had to use it for this instead. I'll get $411 less each month Social Security now. That's scary, but my daughter happened to think that I was refused Food Stamps because we had $200 too much income. Ed got full amount Social Security. I got half of his, which was more than I would have qualified for on my own. Now, maybe I can get Food Stamps.
I'm so grateful for everyone's help. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. God bless you every one.
Dave and I are sick. His is bronchitis. Mine seems like a cold at this stage. Hope we don't get pneumonia. That's what started Ed's downfall. I had it then too, but was able to get back on my feet, probably because I was younger. He was 87. I'm 83. I am left with permanent fibrosis in my lungs, but it doesn't bother me, just the doctor.
John Tng says the Rapture will be in 2012. I hope it is soon. My friend Susie in Pensacola wonders if 27 is a sign. Ed died on the 27th. Pentecost will be Sun May 27. We'll see.
The most comforting thing so far is to find Ed's school picture made the year we were married. He was such a sweetie all his life. Before Christmas, he shed a tear and said he was going to be so happy to see his brother. The last thing he said that I could understand was, "I'm going to die, and you are going to get many rewards." We would have been married 65 years Jan 13.

Marilyn Agee
Bob Anderson (31 Dec 2011)
"MJ Agee"

i've been an avid reader of Marilyn's staggering scholarship since 1991 when I first stumbled across her books. I've corresponded with her frequently, and, in the process, become her friend and admirer.

My heart goes out to her over her (temporary) separation from Ed.

While I praise God that her financial needs were met yet again by the Doves, it occurs to me that she now has another huge expense, the funeral and burial, to meet. I have no idea if Ed had insurance, but I think it would be appropriate for the Doves to make one more effort to include a check with their sympathy cards.


Bob Anderson