Marie (20 Jan 2012)
"Is God Speaking?"

Election thoughts - Is God speaking?
Ever since 'Romney vs Non-Romney' came into focus, I'm wondering if God has a hand in this campaign.
First there was Cain - a goodly man brought down by unsubstantiated allegations.
Then there was Huntsman - a former Obama appointee. Enough said.
Today there's Ron Paul - whose isolationist policies would throw Israel under a bus. But, he serves to remind us how far we've drifted from our constitutional foundation.
And there's Perry - an honorable man with much potential who dropped like a rock after silly gaffs that shouldn't have happened to an experienced politician who never lost an election. His calling may be someplace else.
And...Santorum - a conservative whose vested sincerity may not provide quite enough armor to withstand the arrows of evil.
And what are we to make of Gingrich - a proven conservative, successfully maneuvering in the ocean of sharks called DC at the cost of two marriages and a disgruntled, long-ago spouse? This man publicly asked for forgiveness - will he be denied? It is telling that he is the ONLY candidate who stated that, if elected, he would move our embassy to Jerusalem. Did God have a hand in this declaration?
Hmmm...2 Catholics. God does have a sense of humor, doesn't He?
Finally, there's Mister coast-along Romney - of the remaining candidates, unless he has a 'road to Damascus' experience, the rapture is least likely to be in his future.
So, will there even be an election? If so, who will lead the country in the tribulation?
IMHO, Gog and Magog, not Armageddon, is just around the corner.  Israel will emerge victorious, with some degree of support from America...and a world leader will arise to structure a NWO. I think the US, limping and battered, will have limited influence in the restructuring. But, perhaps an internal revival will be in its immediate future - a blessing from a merciful God for the left-behind? 
Should we, who hope to be raptured soon, care who will be in the WH? For the sake of all those left-behind who may still be saved in the little time remaining to them - yes we should. Let us pray it will be someone with guts, who knows something about forgiveness. The sign of Jonah comes to mind. I hear God speaking - I'm just not quite sure what He's saying yet.