Lynnette (30 Jan 2012)
"Charles Holler's Devil's Taps"


Dear Doves- To refresh you all  -Remember the story of the Devil's Taps written here by Charles Holler ?? :

Well, the enemy has tried to revive an old area in my life on numerous occasions- BUT GOD !!  I have
seen GOD run interference ( football terminolgy ) on the enemies' plans. I praise God for HE is my hope, my defense & shield.
I want to encourage you to desire the ALL Faithful One -in face of temptation-  as time is closer for HIS return for us.
He loves us soo much!

 I have been just simply been saying aloud .. " Help me Holy Spirit"  -  if time allows I say  "  Please help me Holy Spirit" :)

May we seek HIM diligently, glorify HIM & may we grow in HIS strength and persevere to the end ,Blessings,Lynnette

 I have this copy on hand of Devil's Taps . Many "Thanks"  Charles , again from me !   :) Lynnette

Charles Holler (20 March 2010)
"Devil's Taps"


    Hello John and Doves,
          In my younger years I worked as a Professional Fundraiser for Police Unions and this was mostly done through telemarketing. We had two kinds of leads, cold calls ( people who had never given before) and taps ( previous donors) There were then fresh taps, one year old taps, two, three, and so on, and even old taps were better than cold calling. (please stay with me)
          I sold out to The Lord in Sept. of '88 (after 10 yrs of being backsliden) and it was very different from going to the alter at 8 yrs old (in '68) and 9, and 11, and 12, .....then 15, and finally 18, and the last time at 18 lasted 1 day. This time at 28, He was Lord of my life. I immediately quit all the vices including smoking, drinking, and cursing. A few months went by and I'm reading every book I can get my hands on ( besides daily Bible readings), listening to tapes, 3 plus services a week, and daily cell group meetings,  I couldn't get enough this time.
          I'm on my way to Sunday morning service and I stop to pick up my foster brother who also had just got saved and we went back 12 or 13 yrs. He's not getting up and I'm late, so I'm walking around the house ( he's in the basement) yelling his name, calling on the phone, kicking the windows and after a few minutes my foot goes though a window and two or three curse words come out. Now I'm even angrier, but devastated at the same time that I cursed. I jumped in my 4 x4 and sped off telling myself " why even go to church, I'm finished, it's useless...etc."
         There was a man who had a local ministry of printing yard signs (like political ones) that just said JESUS on them, and he put them everywhere in this town of 95,000 and everyone just called them " the Jesus signs". Now as I'm racing away from Jack's and the church, my eyes see one of the signs and as I read it, I said it, and when I spoke that Name above all names, He touched me and the tears flowed out of me, I repented and still made it to church on time hahahahaha.
         The next day I go to see Jack. He lives in this basement and the restroom is very small, the door opens inward, and when I open it, there is a pane of glass accross the door and I shattered it. There is no window in the bathroom and it seemed almost physically impossible for that glass to be there. My first thought is it was supernaturally put there and seemed so obvious that I laughed out loud and just said "not this time". I asked Jack about it and no knew how that glass got there. This is when I developed the TAP theory. I believe it was Divinely inspired but I do not know. The theory was that when the enemy uses something against us or sees us fall or stumble for whatever reason, he makes a record of it that I call a TAP and as long as it works and untill we overcome this, he will continue to use this TAP because it works. I then began to watch to see if this was one of the wiles of the devil.
          Well was 28 years old and had a cousin who was 48 and had only been saved for about a year and had a terrible besetting sin, when he drove, other drivers made him so angry he could hardly stand it. I never thought anything about it until I drove with him one day and I could hardly believe it, the other drivers around him were driving crazy. I drove all the time and this kind of stuff never happened to me with this amount of frequency. There is the occasional nut but what was going on this day with my cousin was just nuts, in just a short hour it seemed like dozens of instances were happening. The devil was using TAPS on my cousin. I told him of my observance, we talked about overcoming this ( not to get upset, let other drivers go first, and make a real effort to overcome this). I talked later to him and it seemed to work, there was still the occasional nut, but the large number of crazy drivers were going after someone else. That TAP was dead.
         I've tried to minister to different ones over the years when I see these patterns, and some recieved and some didn't. I've even seen annointed ministries destroyed by not overcoming these TAP attacks. One very annointed worship leader seemed to end up being attacked ( for a lack of desciption) by the local pastors and ended up leaving three church's. I tried pointing out the patterns before she left the second church and now she is out of church and has been for years. Were there attacks?  I knew two of the three pastors and they were men of God but some of the things they did wasn't sin but could have been considered attacks from her point of view , just like my second window did broke and my cousin still had the occasional nutty driver, but I believe with all my being had she overcome that, she would have done mighty things for Jesus.
         Let's be aware of the TAPS, patterns of attacks, wiles of the devil in our lives and strive to overcome them in The Name of Jesus. The devil will use TAPS and even old TAPS are better for him than cold calling.
    Agape,Charles Holler Sr.
    (disclaimer) ages and dates are my best guess