Lynnette (27 Jan 2012)
"Precision....shared through  Mary Clark"



January 26, 2012

precision – accuracy, exactitude, exactness, care, meticulousness,  correctness

My work is carried forth with great precision.  There is nothing that I do that is not exact, that is not totally accurate.  So be confident of that truth.

When you first put your heart in My hand, I immediately went to work to bring forth My best work in your heart.  I never turned away from your heart.  I worked continuously, eyeing each change, tweaking some areas and cutting away others.  Sometimes it hurt a bit. Sometimes you cried out to Me, asking Me what in the world I was doing to you.  I tell you, beloved, that it hurt Me more than it hurt you, but I never ceased, because I knew that what I was doing was a great work of precision and that it would benefit you, benefit you in untold ways.  So remember this when you feel that I am cutting away too much or going a bit deeper than is comfortable for you.  Remember that I am doing a great work of precision in your heart and I will carry it forth to that fateful day of My return, when I will take you in My arms and say to you, “Well done, My good and faithful servant. Well done!!!”

 Provided by Mark Clark, Marianna, Florida.
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  Blessings to you John & Doves ,Lynnette