Lynnette (11 Jan 2012)
"January,10, 2012  Willing to Save"


 Willing to Save

 January 10, 2012

 My willingness to save any heart that will call out to Me is a willingness that should not be ignored by mankind.  That is correct! Mankind should embrace this gift of love with all that is in him.  Why should he ever refuse such a gift of love?  Why would one ever turn his back on One Who offered such a gift of eternal veracity?

  I am the living God Who has seen fit to bestow a gift of saving love on any who will come to Me with his heart in his hand.  This free gift is offered to any and all.  It is given out of a sacrificial heart of love.  Tell others about this saving love.  Let it be at the forefront of your mind, and thank Me every day for this saving love and all that it affords you!!!

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Make way for the LORD of Glory is Coming!! See you all soon,Lynnette