Lynnette (11 Jan 2012)
"January 9,2012 I Invite You to My Table"


 ~Provided by Mary Clark of Marianna, Florida ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I Invite You to My Table

 January 9, 2012

  I invite you to My table.  I want you to partake of My sumptuous feast.  I want you to enjoy all that I have prepared.  I want you to savor every morsel.

  Come.  Sit.  Eat and know the wonder of being fed by the hand of the living God.  Know the wonder of the gifts that I have for you, the gifts that I am serving at My table.

  Come and partake of all that I have prepared.  Enjoy this fine repast.  It is guaranteed to fill.  It will go down smoothly.  It will envelop your heart, bringing to you a deep satisfaction.

  Come to My table and partake of the fine repast that I have so willingly prepared for you.  Sit and relax at My table.  Converse with Me, and know, beloved, true heart satisfaction, true heart satisfaction supplied by the One Who gives life, gives life in abundance!!!

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 Make way for the LORD of Glory is Coming!! See you all soon,Lynnette