Lynnette (10 Jan 2012)
"January 8, 2012 Radiance of the Father's Glory"


~Provided by Mary Clark of Marianna , Florida ~~~~~

Radiance of the Father’s Glory

January 8, 2012

 I am the radiance of the Father’s glory.  I shine forth in the splendor of the One Who sent Me.  I am eager for you to step into the glow of My Being.  I am eager to share the wonder of this place of richness with you.  Do not hesitate to draw near.  Do not hesitate to draw near to the holy One, for in so doing you will be revived.  You will know the true meaning of joie de vivre. 

radiance – brightness, light, glow, luminosity, brilliance, gleam


joie de vivre – vitality, enthusiasm, high spirits, energy, spring in your step.

                 Thought you would enjoy reading this letter, 
                 Make way for the LORD of Glory is Coming,Lynnette