Lyle Cooper (3 Jan 2012)
"Alan T (31 Dec 2011) ""The Book of Revelation : Is it 4 versions of the same tribulation period " ?""


The short answer is NO!

John went to great lengths to show us chronology. He numbered the seals, the trumpets, the vials, and the woes SO WE WOULD KNOW WHAT FOLLOWS WHAT. And the way it is written, it is impossible for any trumpet to be sounded before all seven of the seals are broken. It would be impossible for any vial to be poured out before all seven of the trumpets are sounded.

In a very basic summary, God shows John the END of the reign of Satan as the God of this world. His doom is sealed when someone is found worthy to break the seals on the document, which I am convinced is the lease document for planet earth. If no one could be found worthy, then Satan would continue as god of this world forever. THANK GOD Jesus came and was found worthy!

Once ALL SEVEN of the seals are broken, then, and only then, can the document (scroll or book) be opened, and the events written therein to take place. In other words, the trumpet judgements would be impossible unless the scroll could be unrolled - and that would not be possible until all seven of the seals were broken.

By the time the angel sounds the 7th trumpet, Adam's lease EXPIRES, and suddenly Satan is found with absolutely nothing to hold on to. (Remember, he usurped Adam's lease when Adam sinned.) Finally, after 6000 years, the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our LORD! Hallelujah!!! Immediately Michael and the angels kick Satan down from the realm of the heavenlies surrounding this planet, down to earth.

By this time, the Dragon's fate is sealed. He knows He will have only 3 1/2 years left. So he goes all out to destroy Israel and any other believers left on the planet, finally getting the armies of ten nations together in Israel, for the great battle of Armageddon.

AT the 7th vial, the 70th week is finished, and the "last day" has come: the Old Testament saints arise, just in time for the wedding taking place in heaven. After the supper, all the armies of heaven get on white horses and descend with JESUS, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!!! The Beast and false prophet that deceived the world are taken and cast into the lake of fire.

Jesus sets up His throne in Jerusalem, the judgment of the nations takes place, and people are allowed into the Millennial Kingdom of Christ.

John wrote these things in a very logical and chronological manner.