Lydia F (7 Jan 2012)
"my new NASB"

A big thanks to whoever it was that posted the recommendations for the New American Standard version of the Bible. I had been wanting to get a new Bible for a while and was trying to decide what to get, and your post helped greatly.

I have been using the NIV for 29 years, and and I've been using my current daily Bible for 16 of those. I had been trying to think of an analogy as to why I felt the need to get a new one, and yesterday while walking in to work it came to me - it's like when you work out and keep doing the same exercises again and again. Your muscles get used to them and you stop progressing. You have to alter your routine to shake things up and get your body to respond in new ways to make yourself stronger and fitter.

My NIV Bible is so highlighted and marked and so familiar that when I read it, it's difficult for me to see anything new in its pages. (I hope this makes sense.) So I got myself a new NASB that is the perfect size to hold like a book when I read, and started on a daily read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan, and just six days into it, I can feel that He is renewing my mind a la Romans 12:2.

It's a joy to just let God's living Word do its work in my heart, and of course I continue to read and appreciate all of the comments and Scriptures that my fellow 5 Dovers post. I love you guys!!

Lydia F