Luis Vega (28 Jan 2012)
"THE EVENT: The Road Map to the Coming Destruction"


The Event:

A Comprehensive Timeline of Calculated Attacks
The Road Map to Destruction in preparation for the ‘Event’
By Luis B. Vega
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"The thief [satan] cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I [Jesus Christ] am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the Good Shepherd: the Good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep." (John 10:10-11)

The purpose of this timeline/chart (link above) is to see, if based on the dates/times of ‘Attacks’ that have already occurred, there are unique properties of repeating date patterns. These patterns of numbers may correlate to a possible future key ‘Attack’ and/or ‘EVENT’. Is the coming ‘Attack’ the ‘Event’ or the coming ‘Event’ an ‘Attack’? The past ‘Attack’ date/number patterns could possibly render when the next major ‘Attack’ will occur on US soil given the established precedent so far; if at least a window of possibility. The established dates/time patterns will serve as a sort of template. The pattern template of the number/dates will be overlaid onto the next several years since the Twin Towers ‘Attack’ of 2001 & the 2011 Anniversary date to see what dates in the future they will end up at.


Only plausible future dates will then be presented as ‘high-alert’ days to consider based off the patterns of dates/times that have already occurred. The recurring patterns of number/date that emerge from this presented timeline are mathematically impossible to have occurred at random. To have correlating numbers & dates with such precision & on this grand scale/timeline requires advanced mathematical foreknowledge. This knowledge could only possibly come from outside of our space & time domain. Perhaps.

The timeline presented will 1) plot the ‘Attacks’ on the USA & the World since the 1st Gulf War. 2) Will not be an all-inclusive listing of ‘Attacks’, but will consider only the overall main & notable ones. 3) Will highlight only the 3 major successful ‘Attacks’ on USA’s soil from which the pattern template of number series are derived from; mainly Waco, Oklahoma City & Twin Towers. 4) Will have the specific date of the Sep 11, 2001 Twin Towers ‘Attack’ as the Pivotal point in the timeline.

This timeline is an attempt to piece it all together & to formulate a hypothesis -at least in a timeline format. The hypothesis is that all these ‘Attacks’ have, are & will be part of a much bigger, overall well orchestrated ‘Grand Design’ that will usher in the ‘Event’ and/or next ‘Attack’ on American soil & possibly in other countries. In some estimation, this hypothesis will come from the premise that the ‘New World Order’ (NOW) has had a major invisible hand in all this. This ‘Event’ may have many aspects to it. One facet is becoming more apparent as to the designed implosion of the USA as we know it to exist. The ‘Attacks’ & US involvement since Operation Desert Storm in 1991 seems to specifically be designed to usher in the ‘Event’. The USA seems be used as some sort of a counting-down agent of inevitable change culminating to the big ‘Event’ to come.

There is overwhelming evidence that suggests that the NWO has carried out much of the ‘Attacks’ from credible 1st hand sources. The aim here is not to delve into this at this time; suffice to state that there are many who actually believe that the ‘Attacks’ on the USA where really ‘False Flag’ operations. False Flags are essentially a psychological tool to change the consciousness of a People by using such methods as a state of war, terror & shock. The USA has been in a constant state of war & decline ever sense Gulf War I. This state of fear, that ensued after 911 in the USA was such that the citizenry would opt for a false ‘security’ in exchange for their Constitutional Civil Liberties & Rights at the hands of an every increasing total Police State; it has succeeded.

The NWO appears to be using all the ‘Attacks’ on certain key dates/times as a ‘signature’ of their work. Part of their work is to offer the USA up as a ‘sacrifice’ in a blaze of FIRE & blood on a scale not yet experienced in USA’s history. As the USA has been the dominate factor of Earth’s current Age since 1776, these ‘Attacks’ have served a function & purpose. The USA as a Nation & ‘ideal’ and/or system that has been rooted & based on Judeo-Christian values is representing the ‘Old Order. It has been chosen to close-out the current ‘Old Age’ or Order.  To the occultists, it is a changing of the guard sort of speak, but not without ever becoming more clear that it is to erode the USA’s social, moral & economic foundations & fabric further to the point of implosion; in stages still.

This culminating ‘Event’ to come will lend itself to usher in the next ‘New World Order.’ Perhaps. This ‘Golden Age’ of light, peace & harmony will coincide with the closure of the Age of Pisces & begin the Age of Aquarius precisely on Dec 21, 2012. This is a mathematical certainty in keeping with the Procession of the Equinox. Thus these date/number patterns that are utilized by the occult/NWO are also tied to astrological & occultist numerology. The certain coming ‘Attacks’ seems to confirm a ramping-up for the inevitable future scenarios that will lead-up to the ‘Event’. This is undoubtedly becoming more true as we daily read the world news headlines.

The ‘Event”: An observable occurrence, phenomenon or an extraordinary occurrence or a happening, a performance or situation meant to be considered that brings about a change.

New World Order (NWO): Believed to be a secretive power elite with globalist agenda conspiring to rule the world by authoritarian world government & by the end-time emergence of the Antichrist.
False Flag: These operations are covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.
End Game: It is the ending scenario of a particular game; when and how it will end, most prominently used in chess.


Some Observations:
-  It appears that the 9-11Twin Towers Attack (Sep 11, 2001) is the Pivotal Point from which other time spans are counted to a possible ‘Event’.
- There are several key number-patterns that emerge: 169, 232, 991, 777, 3119, 333, 432, 555, 888, 311, 4444.
- When adding the number factors to prior Attack dates, the number patterns, most if not all end dates fall on Eclipses and/or occultist dates.
- There appears to be a pattern of a 3-Stage Initiation occurrence or ritualistic pattern on at least 3 other levels of ‘Attacks’.
- As there are 3 levels in Freemasonry, Wicca, Satanism, so too has there been 3 stages of successful ‘Attack’ on the USA.
- There is a definite date correlation amongst the 1) Waco, 2) Oklahoma City and 3) Twin Tower Attacks with unique dates of Apr 19 & Sep 11.
- There is then also a 3 Stage level of Middle East war campaigns leading up to a probable 3rd Gulf War, which could be the 3rd World War.
- A major recurring number property is ‘555’ that alludes to a sacrifice/death -being given as a ‘code’ or a ‘Kill Zone’ that leads up to a war.
- Particularly the dates of March 19/20 2013 & May 20, 2015 have multiple independent recurrences & thus are high-alert days to watch.
- The dates of the Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013 & Spring 2015 seem to mark the projected window of time that the Event could occur.

The End-Game:
Reviewing many clues & trends, there is evidence to support a coming ‘Attack/Event’. It is to be an anticipated ‘End-Game’ if the pattern of numbers/dates that are recurring in the presented timeline are sound & reliable. The question is to what degree & what type? Perhaps a collapse of sorts? Furthermore, there seems to be a dual warning of 1) ecological & 2) geo-political proportions. On one hand you see the world ecology out of sync with ever-increasing intensification of volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, animal deaths etc. On the other hand, you have the ominous signs of societies world wide on the verge of war, racial & civil string, religious persecution, economic & political collapse; they seem to go hand in hand. What is the ‘Event?’ It is hard to pinpoint what it will be. The possible “Event” scenario(s) could involve the following factors or a combinations of many or all:

- Infrastructural: civil unrest, riots in the streets, moral/social collapse of society, religious vacuum

- Economic: market drops, impending economic collapses, monetary meltdown, new currency

- Ecological: tornadoes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, cold snaps, heat waves, mudslides, typhoons, cyclones, tsunamis
- Nuclear: war, invasion, dirty bomb, ethnic clashes, increased hatred, murders

- Biological: epidemics, pestilence, pandemics, plagues, forced vaccinations, severe food/water shortages

- Astrological: near earth comets, asteroids, large solar flares, solar/lunar eclipses, alien disclosure

>From the timeline patterns presented, the ‘End-Game’ for these formulas & dates have been designed & orchestrated as some world Super Power, other than the USA, will begin to rise in its place to lead in the nations into the ‘New Golden Age’. After this flashpoint, Humanity will likely experience a drastic change in the status-quot as we know it to be today; economically, politically, religiously etc. Listed below are the possible future significant ‘high-alert’ days for the ‘Event’ to possibly occur. These dates are based on the patterns derived from the ‘Attack’ on the US on specific beginning & end dates: There are several key number-patterns that emerge: 169, 232, 991, 777, 3119, 333, 432, 555, 888, 311, 4444. Most notably are the double confirmation of March 19, 2013 & triple confirmation of May 20, 2015.

Possible Future Significant ‘Event’ or
Attack Dates:

- Twin Towers Anniv:   Sep 11, 2011 +   169 days = Feb 27, 2012
- Underwear Bomber:   Dec 25, 2009 +   991 days = Sep 11, 2012

- Twin Towers Anniv:   Sep 11, 2011 +   555 days = Mar 19, 2013 | Spring Equinox
- Twin Towers:            Sep 11, 2001 + 4176 days = Mar 19, 2013 | Spring Equinox

- ‘Event’ ?                    Feb 27, 2012 +   555 days = Sep 04, 2013
- Gulf War 2 End:          May 01, 2003 + 3621 days = Apr 01, 2013
- Twin Towers:            Sep 11, 2001 +   991 days = Apr 01, 2014
- ‘Event’ ?                    Mar 20, 2013 +   555 days = Sep 26, 2014

- Twin Towers:            Sep 11, 2001 + 4999 days = May 20, 2015 |Total Solar Eclipse/Spr Equinox
- Gulf War 2 Beg:          Mar 19, 2003 + 4444 days = May 20, 2015 |Total Solar Eclipse/Spr Equinox
- ‘Event’ ?                   Nov 14, 2013 +   555 days = May 21, 2015 | Total Solar Eclipse/Spr Equinox

- ‘Event’ ?                   Apr 01, 2013  +   555 days = Sep 28, 2015 | 4th Moon of Tetrad (Sukkot)


High Un-Holy Calendar Dates:
Lucifarian / satanic / wicca / druid / freemasonic / new age
These require fire and/or human blood sacrifices (not inclusive)

- Mar 20-21: Spring Equinox Ostara/Easter, first Sunday after new moon

- Apr 01: All Fool's Day,13 weeks since New Year's Day

- Apr 09 - May 1: Beast. Fire sacrifice

- Apr 30 - May 1: Beltaine Festival

- Jun 21: Summer Solstice

- Jul 04:  Independence Day,13 days after  Litha/ 66 days from Apr 30

- Sep 21: Autumnal Equinox/Feast of Mabon

- Oct 31 :Samhain, (Halloween), or All Hallows Eve

- Dec 22: Winter Solstice, ‘death’ of sun

- Dec 25: sun re-birthed 3 days later


The Pivotal Point- Twin Towers 9:11
I believe the pivotal point in the presented timeline & Road Map to Destruction has been the Twin Tower Attack of Sep 11, 2001. According to Sociologists, Anthropologists etc., for humanity as a whole to change its collective consciousness, it usually requires a traumatic experience-much like 911. What better way than by these continued ‘Attacks’ & a constant state of war to cause dramatic ‘change’. Given these unique dates, it can all be just mere coincidence & nothing may happen or will happen based on these dates & number. Regardless, these patterns reoccur with precision accuracy down to the very day counts -at least in our time/space dimension. The ‘Event’ might also actually occur in a different dimension altogether & we here on Earth are only thereafter the mirror effect? But who is to say that it may be ‘behind the scenes’ in the ‘spiritual’ sense or realm. But one aspect that seems to resonate in this research is that all these ‘Attacks’ are carefully planned to occur on a recurring date/times; this in undeniable.

The NWO may use this coming ‘Event’ to deceive humanity -at large, into a new belief paradigm to coincide with the astrological clock changing to the ‘New Age’ of Aquarius. It seems to be seeking to establish a new mind-set by capitalizing on the fear & panic associated with the 2012 ‘end of the world hype’. A level of deception will be utilized in some fashion, so much so that it deceives humanity from the true outcome of the ‘End-Game’ proclaimed by the Bible (see Book of Revelation). This will most likely be done through such means as initiating a new economy, new currency, new political, social & religious order. The occult/NWO will likely use the 2012 hype toward their advantage; the beginning of the ‘New Age’ will be usurped by the New World Order. How?  By the very “Event’ scenario & hypothesis presented. They could cause another one of their many ‘False Flag’ attacks to create a desired altered state of reality- a change in the collective consciousness. Inevitable economic, religious & social collapses will ensue. Taking into account the current trends, with the perception that the world will ‘end’ due to all the ecological and/or political catastrophe, the NWO will most likely generate a “savior” to offer their version of solutions to humanity. Producing their ‘savior’ then can only come by causing a mass manipulation of humanity; possibly by the “EVENT’ itself that generates allegiance to this new paradigm shift of world consciousness because at this point, humanity will be without one. The whole world will be in a vacuum that the NOW will only be too happy to fill.

Numbers Game:

Many books, papers, websites & videos have investigated the relationship between these certain key ‘Attacks’ presented in terms of their numerical significance -specifically pertaining to the 911 ‘Attack’ on the USA as well as the Gulf Wars. Some have discovered significant time/date correlations between the ‘Attacks’ & the occultist high-holy days & festivals. For example, the Occult/Freemasonry/Wicca use 3 stage initiation rites, a ‘333’ pattern. Interestingly the Waco & OC attacks lead up to the 3rd attack on the Twin Towers. Then the 911 Twin Towers 3rd attack lead up to 2nd Gulf war. The 2nd Gulf War is leading up to the 3rd phase which will be the regional war that will lead to the 3rd World War, a ‘333’ pattern.

The Occultist/NWO realize that there is immense inherent spiritual power in specific numbers & their date-setting is highly mathematical. Occultists seek to plan & time events according to what they consider to be the most favorably time in order to maximize their desired outcomes. Certain numbered dates are chosen to determine the best time for major moves & activities in tandem to their plans/schemes-like in the when wars start & end. Occultists multiply & add numbers in order to create other sacred numbers -- they also group numbers in ways that will be recognizable to their own as ‘code’. They often use the principle of intensification like a 333, 666, 999 because according to their precepts, greater power is derived from groupings.

According to the occult, certain date-numbers must correspond to the correct sequence in order to be successful to advance to the next ‘stage’ in their Master Plan. The occult/NWO always use certain dates & numbers for the ‘activation’ of their plan that can only be initiated with the help from entities outside our time/space domain; supernatural in essence. What is diabolical is that in accordance to its own admission, most if not all dates that have been used require human sacrifices, death, blood & FIRE to have them be rendered powerful & effective. It is their evil signature & mode of operation. Their religious rite demands this death & rebirth cycle.

For example, the Gulf War II war started at 05:50 Baghdad time on March 20th, 2003. It was on the Eve of the Ostara Feast. The date was "555" days from the Attacks of Sep 11, 2001 (9/11). In the occult, the number "5" is the Number of Death. Any number intensified 3 times, as in "555" takes it to the highest degree & serves as an "occult signature". The Iraqi War was over on May 1st, 2003, May 1 is the second-most important satanic holiday known as Beltane. This holiday is a 2-day event, April 30th - May 1st. It is also the highest day on the Druidic/Witch's calendars. It is the Illuminati's second most sacred holiday were human sacrifice & ’Fire’ is required. This could all be a mere coincidence but highly unlikely and ‘so what’? The so what is that these patterns keep repeating & will eventually lead to a greater scale & intensification of war, terror, shock, death.

How one can identify coming high-alert dates will be by the pattern of recurring number that have already occurred in our recent past that can be mathematically anticipated to reoccur in the future. According to the occult, numbers are used as ‘code’. All cultures & civilizations have studied & understood this mathematical language. Through such means demonic powers are invoked & unleashed. Most significant occult dates & times then correlated to astrological movements of the planets & stars; this is another major clue that validates the pattern of date/times. It is believed that certain alignments & configurations associated with our time/space produce powerful thresholds for educing change on Earth.

The Coming New Age:
The New Age of Aquarius is technically beginning on Dec 21, 2012 at 11:11 universal time. This is an astrological point in time & fact. But will it coincide with the occultist’s aspiration of ushering in their New World Order, as being that Golden Age? Perhaps. It happens to be the 11th House of the Zodiac. The present Age of Pisces is concluding; that age of the Fish or as many have alluded it to the “Christian Age.” Each ‘House’ or astrological sign run about 2000 years. Currently the NWO is focusing & concentrating its full energy & resources to this ‘New Beginning’ at hand, mainly Dec 21, 2012 & thereafter to showcase their False Messiah to the World.

We have witnessed since the 1st Gulf War a crescendo of intensified ‘Attacks’ designed to weaken & ultimately destroy the current World Order as the Age of Pisces comes to a close. With the documented pattern of dates, given the timeline, it can then be postulated that the future ‘Attacks’ by the invisible hand behind world governments will ensure a final onslaught that could be on the level never seen before. Perhaps it might coincide with a spiritual phenomena that could shake the very foundations current religious/spiritual beliefs. The occultist/New Agers stipulate that a ‘cleansing’ of humanity & the removal on those that are impeding humanity’s evolutionary leap into the next stage of existence have to be removed. Look for continued specific ‘dates’ that are associated with un-holy occult times of the year. It will intensify as the year 2012 progresses towards Dec 21. There is going to be a greater frequency in calamities as 2011 has been an unparalleled year of prophetic fulfillment & disasters on all levels.

If the “Golden Age” to come is to be one of peace, love and harmony, it seems to be starting off with Middle East Regional war for sure. Look to the confrontation with Iran in the Fall of 2012, possibly. A possible deception of humanity could be behind the working of this Great Work. In fact the NWO will not bring the true light but will ensue a period of false peace & security to only ultimately bring upon all humanity an enslavement, death & destruction. The occultist/satanists etc., promise freedom & liberty & salvation yet require death, blood & sacrifices of the innocent. After all, the operating factor of the occult/NWO has always been nothing but ultimate darkness,  death & deception enveloped in a false light …can it be expected to produce anything else?