Linda Spencer (7 Jan 2012)
"RE: Mike Curtis the "Mask is Off""

This seems to fit PERFECTLY!

"The O's Sweet Chocolate"


Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you know lies

White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Is sweet candy to your eyes.

Yes, keep looking and believing in my disguise

That can only be revealed, through the eyes of the wise.


I am white and I am "black" and that is all you can see

It is easy and takes no work, that is great! …for me.

Your money and your time, your perpetual defense of me

Brings me your votes, at least the majority of thee.


Your loyalty at all cost, I don’t worry about

I am yours and you are mine, you don’t demand any clout.

I’m at peace you see, I don’t have to promise you much

A chocolate scrub here and there, gives you just the right touch.


You go on in your hope, that change is a comin’

This keeps hope alive, the results…come to nothin’!

You keep on believing in me, while I take all your freedoms away

Oh! But that’s ok with you, as long as "you" have nothing to pay.


I’ll take from the wealthy, to keep you satisfied

While your jobs, your rights will all be hidden inside.

I’ll go on smiling, laughing and shaking your trusting hands

While taking away all the hopes and dreams that I can.


I’ve learned a lot how this nation will unfurl

While reading the book "The Post American World".

I thought you would notice, I made it easy to see

I held it in my hand, walking to the luxurious limousine.


The plan for its destruction, to the wise it is revealed

But to all the chocolate lovers, to your eyes it remains concealed.

The Pied Piper was smooth yes! but I baked the cake

By the time you wake up, it will be far too late!


So you keep on believing, that everything is fine

I’ll keep serving up the