Leigh (6 Jan 2012)
"to Ron Reese and Mathman"

I have read all your letters with great interest and i hear what you are saying. Theres just a few things that baffle me.  I dont know if one or both of you have ever read Odin Hetrick's vision of heaven and or listened to Elvi Zapata.  This date is not according to what GOD told Elvi nor what Odin experienced in heaven.  Can you please let me know if one of you are aware of what those two told and what you think may be the cause of the difference in the visions and your prophecy? We are all so anxious to go home but none of Elvi's three visions have come to pass YET neither Odin Hetrick timeline which he got in heaven.  It would be just so great to leave by the end of the month but i have a lot of confusion if i think that your date may be a coincidence?  Ron you can email me in Australia but putting it on Doves may be a better idea so that John and the bride can read it as well. Many thanks and GOD bless all of you. Leigh.