Leigh (16 Jan 2012)

John and all Doves HALLELUJAH to the mighty NAME of JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD the ALMIGHTY!!!!  I have just listened to pastor JD which i get on my Facebook and he says what about if this calm before the storm is the last warning we will get???   Because in the days of Noah everybody were eating and drinking marrying and working---- there was no credit crunch or financial breakdown....  think about it, we know that Iran and Russia do not take the $US any more. And Thes. tells us that the CATCHING AWAY comes first.... We are NOT appointed for wrath!!!   So if Ron is right and the rapture happens on 27/28 January it may be very possible because Dr Owuor will be preaching here in Canberra the capital city on the 26 27 and 28th January and he said he recognised the place where the rapture is going to take place because he has been there before. Also nobody will know the day because in other countries it will be different days NOR the hour for he said when it happened it was daylight!!!.  The times here is from 10 am till 2 pm then again 5pm till 9 pm. After 5 pm it is still daylight so when he tells the ushers to go sit down it may be after 5 because were in summertime here. When i listened to the schedule he advertises and i listened to the music the HOLY SPIRIT MIGHTILY FELL UPON ME!!!!  THE ANOINTING WAS SO STRONG THAT I STARTED CRYING!!!   WHAT A PURE AND MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE WHAT A PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!   As pastor JD said the crash of the dollar is coming and we only have a few days left to be " AS IN THE TIMES OF NOAH"  before the eating and drinking STOPS   ___________  and be nooooo more...............Lets lift up our heads, Im telling you Dr Owuor is a man of GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!   Lift up your family and friends before GOD were living in injury time and the end whistle is soon going to blow!!!!!  Then when we knock on the door of the ark we will realise it was GOD WHO LOCKED IT----  good intentions, but just a few seconds too late. GOD showed me a few times Im going to make a new beginning so last night i asked Him to give me a special verse for i wanted to hear what He wants to tell me.  When i opened His Holy Word I read II Kings chapter 2, just 2 verses WHAAAAAAAT???????????    verse 11:   and while they were still TALKING  chariots and horses of fire SEPARATED THEM!!!!!!!!! And Elijah went up by a whirlwind  INTO HEAVEN.  Maybe i should ask Mathman how much the odds would be getting this after asking GOD for a word?  Guys if this be true Ill be seeing Dr Owuor going up here with me before you do, and I mean how COOL WOULD THAT BE????   GLORY THE GOD ALMIGHTY   GOD LOVES ALL OF YOU and His Son has a NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES !!!!!!!!!!  The crowns are ready, the table set-  and the chariots of the BRIDEGROOM are on their way, the angel is about to blow the shofar!!!!!!!!!!!!------- are WE READY?????________________before the eating and drinking stops-----------and a tribulation befalls the earth like no other ever yet......   Love Leigh.