K.S. Rajan (13 Jan 2012)

By Paul McGuire
Many of the things I have written and spoken about for years are now starting to comet o pass with increasing frequency. As you may recall, I wrote of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, terrorism, WMD's and the World Trade Centers in one of my prophecy books that was released about 6 months before 911. The copyright on the book proves that I wrote about these things before 911.
In addition, I wrote about the North American Union and the coming merger of Canada, Mexico and the United States 10 years before any other radio or television personality. I spoke about these things on the Fox News Network, my book "Are You Ready?" and on the nationally syndicated radio talk show, "The Paul McGuire Show," which broadcast from Los Angeles M-F during afternoon drive time, three hours per day. There are countless other economic, political, spiritual, scientific events that I projected would happen through scientific and prophetic analysis and seeking the Lord.
"Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, One World Economic System and the Coming One World Religion?" I outline in details the geopolitical events that will cause this to come together. These events are happening now. We face the high probability of World War III and thermonuclear war between Israel and Iran, along with the involvement of the America, Russia, China, the European Union and the U.K. Clearly, we are moving towards the Tribulation Period with lightning speed and there are millions of people who need to come to Jesus Christ before His return.
I believe there is going to be a massive soul harvest before the Lord. Jesus Christ said, "The fields are white for harvest the laborers are few." In addition, the Bible says, "He who wins souls is wise." As the earth and societal structures are being shaken, people's hearts are becoming increasingly open to the message of Jesus Christ. However, traditional Christian methods and approaches to evangelism will not work in these last days. By God's grace Paul McGuire Ministries is reaching millions of people with the Gospel in 125 nations around the world. I have discovered that millions of people of all ages, especially those who are turned off by Christianity, are open to current events being explained by Bible prophecy. That is why the Lord has put it in my heart to get as many people as I can to use the 3-DVD series, "Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, One World Economic System and the Coming One World Religion?" as a powerful evangelistic tool to reach people!
None of the economic problems faced by the U.S. and Europe have been addressed. Both the U.S. and Europe continue to move into socialist states that are incapable of generating profit and new industries. Despite the trillions of dollars spent on economic recovery, the prospect of an engineered global economic collapse grows more real every day. The Federal Reserve System and the Illuminati-controlled international bankers are forcing their New World Order along with a one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. They are doing this strategically through manufactured crisis and what is known has the Hegelian Dialectic. The Illuminati motto is, "Order out of Chaos."
Interestingly, in Revelation 13 we read about the First Beast, who is the charismatic political leader called the Antichrist and the Second Beast who is the False Prophet. The False Prophet is in charge of the coming one world religion that is being put together now and distributing the mark of the beast, which is a microchip or biochip implant, that the Silverberg Group has plans to make mandatory. Much of the evangelical church is drifting into the Great Apostasy because it keeps moving farther and farther away from the Word of God. That is why now more than ever, I believe it is important to communicate the message of Bible prophecy as an evangelistic tool while there is still time!
Many of the articles I write are now going viral across the Internet. Let me share with you an Email I got today. I believe the Lord allows hostile Emails like this to come to me. While some people might get defensive getting an Email like this, I look at this Email as from a guy who is crying out for God beneath the angry words. I answer these Emails in a very direct manner. I cannot tell you by God's grace, how many Emails we get like this, where less than a year later, the person accepts Jesus Christ and apologizes. We are reaching countless thousands with the Gospel who are turned off Christianity, but end up accepting Jesus Christ!
"Great, I hope it is true, that they will
reduce the population to 500 million.
The earth will be beautiful once again :)
If people are too stupid to live within
freedom, beauty and abundance; and they love
concrete, pollution, apartments and 1/8th
acre yards, GMO foods, fluoridated water,
plastics and chemicals and modern medicine
so much, and hate agrarianism and self-
sufficiency, then they deserve what is
coming to them. Those that can't manage
themselves will be managed by those that can.
I pray that your nightmares come true,
because they are a nice dream to me.
I hope they do it in a way where the stupid
people die first, because we need some
chlorine in the gene pool.
PS. Really scary that you advise world
leaders with prophecy ... wow - scary!!!"
Here is my Email reply:
Reply from Paul McGuire to your Email below:
I can understand your disgust for what the human race has done to planet earth. What it appears you put forth, is Eco-Fascism which justifies mass death. Is that based on Evolutionary Theory? Your statement, "Those that can't manage themselves will be managed by those that can," flows out of the Evolutionary Theory where only the fittest survive. A theme found in Jack London's "White Fang" and Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of the Ubermensch or superman, in such writing's as "The Will to Power." An idea implemented by Hitler and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who put many abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods in abort what she considered "inferior neighborhoods."

Also, a hatred of the Judeo-Christian God replaced by what? Humanism based on a flawed evolutionary theory? Perhaps it is Evolution which you embrace, because it believes in a non-personal universe, where it is the survival of the fittest. Mysticism which promotes the worship of Planet Earth as a living consciousness which is Gaia?
The only thing I would strongly advise you is, although what much of the human race has done, is deplorable. It is a very dangerous place to go when you justify mass death on that basis. I know you are not a Christian and I can probably imagine the reasons why. But despite the insanity that is carried out in the name of Christ, there is the chance you are wrong, and the Infinite Personal Living God of the Universe truly lives. Just think about how He looks down at the earth, which was once Paradise and what His creation, mankind has done, which is an abomination on many levels. In one sense you are right, the human race deserves what it gets. But, what you have left out in your equation is that God is love, as well as just. The Bible says that the penalty for what man has done is death. But, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to take that penalty upon Himself, so that anyone who would receive that pardon by faith receives eternal life based on grace which is unmerited or undeserved favor.
In other words, although the penalty is death, due to grace or unmerited favor, God offers salvation. The time is coming when the present corrupted earth will burn up and a New Heaven and New Earth - a perfect ecological paradise will be created. As you know, in Genesis, God created the earth as a perfect-ecosystem and Eden as Paradise until mankind destroyed it.
Something for you to think about!
I will pray for you.
Paul McGuire