K.S. Rajan (13 Jan 2012)
"report by BILL WILSON"

Thursday, January 12, 2012
The Responsibility of Freedom and America's Civilization Jihad

While American leaders are busy telling everybody that Islam is a peaceful religion that should be tolerated and celebrated, Islamic colonial operatives in the United States are busy trying to take over. The majority seems to be oblivious. Citizens appear to be too busy with their lives or too uninterested in their civic responsibilities to understand the colonization of America by a totalitarian system conveniently disguised as a religion. There seems to be no alarm that our government has even embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, the designated Islamic umbrella organization fomenting jihad, colonization and establishment of global Sharia Law.

The headlines just this week should be enough to jolt any true American back to reality. Former Michigan Republican Congressman Mark Siljander has been sentenced to a year in prison for assisting a jihadist Islamic charity organization. Oklahoma's proposed ban on Sharia Law, which was approved by 70% of the state's voters, was struck down by a US Federal Appeals Court. The Islamist in charge of Oklahoma's Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) told AP, "This is an important reminder that the Constitution is the last line of defense against a rising tide of anti-Muslim bigotry in our society, and we are pleased that the appeals court recognized that." Imagine that: using our Constitution to justify tyranny.

An Islamic naturalized US citizen tried to blow up buildings in Tampa, Florida, saying he wanted to instill more terror in the hearts of infidels as payback for wrongs done to Muslims, according to the FBI report. Florida's CAIR directors told the news media, "The weapons and explosives were provided by the government. Was he just a troubled individual, or did he pose a real threat?" Other CAIR representatives from California and Michigan weighed in saying that the FBI entrapped Kosovo-born Sami Osmakac, who planned to blow up bridges, night clubs and a police station in Tampa. Testimony in the Holy Land Foundation trial in Texas indicated that CAIR founders were part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the same trial, documentation was presented that the Muslim Brotherhood had a plan to colonize America by creating a "Civilization Jihad" on all fronts of society. What happens when Islam takes over? According to Open Doors, an organization that tracks Christian persecution, Islamic nations comprise nine of the top 10 nations and 38 of the top 50 nations persecuting Christians. Strange that Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia--countries where American leadership is vested politically and financially--are top ten persecutors. So long as American citizens do nothing to stop the spread of this tyrannical antichrist false religion, persecution and terror will advance. Romans 12:21 exhorts: "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." With liberty there comes responsibility to keep it.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson