K.S. Rajan (12 Jan 2012)
"must read these postings"

Senior Natanz executive slain in Tehran, US Navy, Air Force on Hormuz readiness - Forty-eight hours after Iran began advanced uranium enrichment in the fortified Fordo bunker near Tehran, Prof. Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, deputy director of the first uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, was killed early Wednesday, Jan. 11 by a sticky bomb planted on his car by two motorcyclists. It exploded near the Sharif technological university in northern Tehran.The pair made their escape. Prof. Ahmadi-Roshan was the fourth Iranian nuclear scientist to be mysteriously assassinated in Tehran in two years. The same method of operation was used in a similar operation last year. Iran has blamed them all on Israel.
Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed Amid Heightened Tensions - A young Iranian nuclear scientist was killed by a magnetic bomb placed on his car by a motorcyclist in Tehran Wednesday, according to Iranian media. Iranian officials accused the United States and Israel of being behind the attack, the latest in a string of incidents apparently aimed at disrupting Iran's nuclear program that Israeli and western intelligence agencies are suspected of spearheading.
Killings, blasts, computer worms: The covert war on Iran - The killing of Iranian professor Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan on Wednesday was the latest in a series of hits on scientists who are linked to the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, which Israel and other Western nations are desperately trying to halt.
Iran nuclear scientist's death followed Israeli warning of 'unnatural' events - The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan came less than 24 hours after Israel's military chief warned that the Tehran regime could face "unnatural" events during the critical year ahead, fuelling speculation that the hand of the fabled Israeli intelligence service the Mossad was behind the latest attack.
The war with Iran has already begun - It might not seem like it, but the West has already launched its campaign to prevent Iran building an atom bomb. This is not a conventional war of the type we have recently experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. On the contrary, rather than using thousands of troops and state-of-the-art weaponry to achieve our goals, the West is now waging a sophisticated campaign where it relies on its wits and ingenuity rather than brute force.
Russia warns West against attack on Iran - A senior Russian diplomat has strongly warned the West against an attack on Iran, saying that it would upset global security. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the ITAR-Tass news agency Wednesday that a military action against Iran would be a "grave mistake, a flagrant error" with far-reaching consequences for regional and global stability.
Iran, West approaching 'turning point' in 2012, officials warn - War games. Threats to close a key oil passageway and block a U.S. aircraft carrier from returning to the Persian Gulf. An American sentenced to death in Tehran, accused of spying. And now a breakthrough in Iran's nuclear program.