K.S. Rajan (10 Jan 2012)
"report by BILL KOENIG"


"When I saw him scoring, first of all, I just thought, 'Thank you, Lord,'" Tebow said. "Then, I was running pretty fast, chasing him — like I can catch up to D.T! Then I just jumped into the stands, first time I've done that. That was fun. Then, got on a knee and thanked the Lord again and tried to celebrate with my teammates and the fans."

Tim Tebow while at the University of Florida
Greg Doyel, CBS Sports:
Love him or hate him, but when it comes to Tebow, we're all witnesses
People laughed, even media people, because people were charmed. Tebow has that ability. When he isn't making people uncomfortable with his religious talk -- like it or not, there are people who do get uncomfortable -- Tebow is charming them with his guilelessness. He talks like an earnest 20-year-old, and he refuses to be goaded into self-absorption. When he is asked about teammates, he praises them. When he is asked about coaches, he praises them. When he is asked about himself, he praises God. Some people love that. Some don't. Either way, it has contributed to the larger-than-sports, almost larger-than-life, mystique of Tebow.
As Tebow stood there in his jeans and sweater-vest, I asked him if he had any idea how big his phenomenon had become.
"I'm just thankful for the platform God has given me," Tebow said