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Hello Paul
After reading your above post it seemed fitting to go to the root of the Issue of Jubilee years.
The Record of Mosses in " The Book Of Jubilees "
Chapter 1 : 1
And it came to pass in the FIRST YEAR of the Exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt, in the THIRD MONTH, on the SIXTEENTH day of the month, [2450 Anno Mundi ] that God spake to Moses, saying:
Come up to Me on the Mount, and I' will give thee TWO TABLES of stone of LAW and of the COMMANDMENT, which (2) I" have written, that thou mayest teach them.' And Moses went up into the Mount of God, and the(3) glory of the Lord abode on Mount Sinai, and cloud overshadowed it SIX DAYS. And He called to Moses on the SEVENTH day  out of the cloud, and the Appearance of the glory of the (4) Lord was like of Flaming Fire on Top of the mount. And Moses was on the Mount [ 40 days and 40 nights],
and God taught him the earlier and the later history of the division of ALL the days (5) of the Law and of the Testimony. And He said: ' Incline thine heart to every word which I' shall speak to thee on this mount and write them in a BOOK in order that their generations may SEE how I have not forsaken them for all the evil which they have wrought in transgressing The Covenant.
(6) which I' establish between Me and Thee for THEIR GENERATIONS this day on Mount Sinai.
(12) And I will send Witnesses unto them, that I' may witness against them, but they will Not Hear, and will Slay the witnesses also, and they will Persecute those who seek the Law, and they will Abrogate and Change( 13) Everything so as to work evil before My Eyes. And I' will hide My Face from them, and I' will deliver them into the hands of the Gentiles for captivity, and for a Prey, and for devouring, and I' will Remove them from the midst of the Land, and I' will scatter them amongst the Gentiles.
And they will Forget ALL My Law, All My Commandments and All My Judgements, and will go ( 15) Astray as to
New Moons
, and Sabbaths, and Festivals, and JUBILEES, and Ordinances.
Chapter 2:1
And the Angel of the presence Spake to Mosses according to the word of the Lord saying: Write the COMPLETE History of the Creation, how is SIX DAYS God finnished
ALL His works. He Created, and KEPT SABBATH the Seventh day and Hallowed it for ALL AGES, and appointed IT as a SIGN for ALL His works.  ( Gen 1-) (9) And God appointed the SUN to be a Great Sign on the earth for Days and for Sabbaths, and for Months and for Feasts and for Years and for SABBATHS OF YEARS and for JUBILEES and for ALL SEASONS of the YEARS. (19) Behold, I' will [Separate] unto Myself A PEOPLE from among the peoples, and THESE shall Keep the Sabbath Day, and I will sanctify THEM unto Myself as " MY PEOPLE ", and I' will bless THEM; as I' have sanctified the SABBATH DAY and do sanctify (it) unto Myself. (20
Jesus our Lord and saviour.
(31) but He did NOT sanctify all peoples and Nations to keep the Sabbath thereon, but ISRAEL ALONE; THEM ALONE HE PERMITTED to eat and drink and KEEP THE SABBATH THEREON THE EARTH.

CHAPTER 3 : 17
And [after] the completion of SEVEN YEARS, which he had completed there [garden of eden] SEVEN YRARS EXACTLY, [8AM]
and in the SECOND MONTH, on the SEVENTEENTH DAY ( of the month) , the Serpent Came.
(32) And on the NEW MOON of the FOURTH month, Adam and his wife Eve went forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the Land of Elda in the land of their CREATION.
note: Elda means "God Knows"
(34) And they had NO son until the  FIRST JUBILEE,(8AM) and AFTER THIS HE "KNEW" her.
note: their concemation after they had a son. I believe it was THE son of Satan " the son of perdition" but just my opinion.
Chapter 4:1
And in the THIRD WEEK of the SECOND JUBILEE she gave birth to Cain. and in the FOURTH she gave birth to Abel, and in the FITH she gave birth to her daughter AWAN. And in the FIRST (YEAR) of the THIRD JUBILEE, Cain slew his brother Abel.
(7) And Adam and his wife mourned for Abel FOUR SETS OF WEEKS [= 28yrs] [ 99-127AM] and in the FOURTH YEAR of the FIFTH WEEK [130 AM] they became joyful, and Adam knew his wife again, and she bare him a son, and he called his name SETH.
moving along.....
(15) And in the TENTH JUBILEE [449-55 AM] Mahalalalel took a wife. His wife bare him a son in the THIRD WEEK of the SIXTH YEAR, [ 461 AM]  and called his name JARED
[ for in these days the [Angels of the Lord] descended on the earth, those who are named the 'Watchers' that they should INSTRUCT the children of men, and that they should do judgement and UPrightness on the earth.]
note: these were of God, NOT lucifer. What God meant for the good of man, these Angels sinned among themselves later on, because they LUSTED after the daughters of man ( Gen 6) We all have "Watchers" appointed to us, gaurdian angels. Who FACE the Father. These that sinned can Not and could Not Face the Father AFTER they sinned with the women on earth. [Jude 6] tells us they kept NOT their first estate " oketerian" house ; form to do this evil.
(16) In this ELEVENTH JUBILEE [ 512-18 AM]  in the FIFTH WEEK in the FOURTH YEAR  Baraka bare Jared a son and called his name ENOCH  [529-30 AM]
(20) Methuselah was born to Enoch and Edna  in the TWELTH JUBILEE , the SIXTH year of this week, [ 587 AM]
(21) and Enoch was moreover with the Angels od God these SIX JUBILEES of years
moving on.......
(29) And at the Close of the NINETEENTH JUBILEE, in the SEVENTH WEEK  in the SIXTH YEAR [ 930 AM]  thereof Adam died, and all his sons buried him in the Land of his Creation ( Elda), and he was the FIRST to be buried in the earth. And he lacked SEVENTY YEARS  of ONE THOUSAND YEARS ; for 1000 years are as ONE DAY unto the Lord.
  note: for God said ; in The DAY that ye shall eat, thou shalt surely die. Also please take note of the 70 years in the beginning. and the 70 years for Israel in the land at the end.  God is declairing the end from the beginning. Adam died 70 years before the First 1000 yrs, and Israel will suffer the Last 70 yrs before they are restored.
( 33) And in the TWENTY FIFTH JUBILEE [1205 AM] Noah took for himself a wife. {1207 AM] Shem was born, [1209 AM] Ham was born, and [1212 AM] Japheth was born.
Chapter 5 : 22
And in the TWENTY SEVENTH JUBILEE of Years, in the FIFTH YEAR( on the New Moon of the First Month) [1307 AM] he entered in the SIXTH (year) thereof, [1308AM]  in the SECOND MONTH and the New moon of the SECOND Month, TILL the SIXTEENTH  day, and he entered, and all with him and the Lord closed the door from withOUT. on the SEVENTH evening.
note : THE FLOOD Waters began
moving on.........
Chapter 8:7
in the THIRTY-SECOND JUBILEE in the Seventh Week, in the Fifth Year [1503 AM] in the SIXTH year [ 1567 AM] Peleg was born.
Chapter 10: 27
The son of Ham in the THIRTY FOURTH JUBILEE , Canaaan; saw the land of lebanon to the river of Egypt, that it was very good, and he went NOT into the land of his inheritance to the west( that is to the sea) ; and dwelt in the land of Lebanon, eastward and westward from the border of Jordan and from the border of the sea.
(30) Ham his father and brothers said " do not do so"  you and your son's will be cursed  for dwelling in a land that is NOT in thy inheritance.
( 34,35) and for this reason that land is named Canaan.
Chapter 12:9
And in the FORTIETH JUBILEE, in the SECOND week, in the SEVENTH year thereof
took a wife [ 1925 AM] Sarai.
Chapter 17 :1 Isaac was weaned [ 1982 AM]
Chapter 19 : 7-8 Sarah died [2010 AM] the FORTY-SECOND JUBILEE
Chapter 24: 2

Chapter 50:4
And there are FORTY-NINE JUBILEES FROM THE DAYS OF ADAM UNTIL THIS DAY,[2410 AM] and ONE WEEK, and TWO YEARS: and there are YET FORTY YEARS to come [ 2450 AM]
(5) and the JUBILEES shall pass by, UNTIL ISRAEL is CLEANSED from all guilt of fornication, and uncleaness and sin and error, and dwells with CONFIDENCE in ALL the land,
and there shall be no more a SATAN or any EVIL ONE, and the land SHALL be clean from THAT time for EVERMORE.
(13) and here with is  completed the account of the DIVISION of the days.

In Verse 4 [2450AM] = 49 Jubilees: 49x50 yrs =2450
49+49= 98 jubilee yrs.....98x50yrs = 4,900 yrs 
Gen 3:15  120 jubilee yrs - 98= 22 jubilee yrs left   22x50 yrs = 1,100 yrs..............4,900 + 1,100= 6000 yrs.

JAN 15, 2012 = 11TH Month FIRST DAY 2011.
+28 Days to a Calendar Month ( Enoch) = Feb 12, 2012 as the FIRST DAY of the 12th month 2011.
March 16 ALWAYS is the FIRST DAY of the FIRST Month of the YEAR
" ALWAYS" because of the error of the TWO extra days of a Leap year and the 365th day count. Enoch Calendar is 364 days ALWAYS . Therefore >>>>
March 16, 2012 is DAY ONE of the FIRST Month of the Calendar Year. (Enoch) note: plus we had an EXTRA 28 day count of a 13th month in 2010. the next will not be until 2023. due to the Equanox

 We are still in year 2011. 

current date: According to Enoch

SCALE: 364 days to a Year
7x7=49 yrs +1=50 yrs Jubilee

Israel's year date 5772 they know they are off by 240 years
5772 + 240= 6012

6012 - 4000 from Adam to Christ= 2012
Our current actual date; according Enoch, in our [gregoraian calendar] is : November 4, 2011
Our current actual date;  according to [Actual Enoch Calendar] is : 11th month, 4th day, 6011

Enoch Calendar
March 16, 2012= Nisan 1, 6012 a SABBATH DAY

Blessings to you all