KML (19 Jan 2012)
"The Question of THE Jubilee Year"

Hello Tng and Doves

The Last Jubilee Year was in 1967 ( we will call this Jubilee ONE )

Many here most likely know what a Jubilee Year is, but just in case I will explain
7X7 sets of years =49 years + 1 year = 50 yrs

yr 1967 AD - 50 yrs = 1917 AD  ( Jubilee TWO )
The 400 year Ottoman/ Turkish ( Islamic) rule ended
note: This was the SEVENTH Empire to rule over Israel/ "Jerusalem". This must be understood because of the fulfillment of prophecy. " Not the Roman Empire"  Never forget....this is The Time of Jacobs troubles.... [Esau] Edom

yr 1917 AD - 50 yrs = 1867 AD  ( Jubilee THREE )
The final emancipation of the Jews in Austria-Hungry ( the information of the Division of Israel Foreign Ministry )
If we continue to go back in time .......we come to  333 BC ...... Alexander The Great = 2nd Beast = He Goat w/ One Horn.
Medes and Persians  Empire......The 1st Beast = Ram w/Two Uneven Horns


Yr 1967 AD + 50 yrs = 2017 The FUTURE Jubilee.
note: 2017 - 70 yrs ( a generation) = 1947  The Balfore Decloration Nov. 29th [ the Fig Tree nation was born] They didn't take the land until  May,1948 six months later. BUT the prophecy in Daniel was " from the going forth " not the taking of.  All of this concerns Israel's 70th week. This serves the church as SIGNS. The 69th week was completed in 70AD

We are in the 11th month of the Enoch Calendar.


The above is the Jubilee years, THE BIG QUESTION IS , When does the Fullness of " The Times of The Gentiles " come in ?
This is OUR Rapture !
The period of time for which we now live is " The Grace Period " The church age;
 Never before in the history of man has God shown man Grace as He has since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Once this time period is fully come in, We are Out of Here !
It is my firm belief, that we go home at Pentecost.  The last 3 Feasts to be fulfilled by Jesus are for the House of Israel, not the church. Save for [Trumpets] which will be fulfilled at His coming at the end of Tribulation, when WE COME BACK WITH HIM.
The Rapture is soon and very soon. We all feel it in our hearts and in our spirit. I believe with all that we have witnessed in the last 2 yrs , the whole earth, and all animals, and birds, and fish GROAN for His return .
As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that donkey, and was asked by the religious leaders standing near the gate, to quiet the children from singing....Jesus answered ; if they do not sing, the very Rocks will cry out.

Hosanah ! to our King.