KML (17 Jan 2012)
"RE: T.O " are you a descendant of the house of David ? ""

Hello T.O and Doves
This is a question I have dealt with my studies in the past.
We all know the scripture which states " many are called , few are chosen. "
Jesus said to the deciples " I' have chosen you, you have Not chosen me ." ( the deciples were Jews)
We know also that Jesus came FIRST unto the Jew , and then the gentile.
In Jeremiah 12:9-17
God said: Mine [heritage] is unto ME as a " speckled bird " the birds round about are against her:
10: Many Pastors have destroyed MY vineyard, they have trodden MY portion under foot, they have made MY [pleasent portion] a desolate wilderness. note: here God is including the gentile and the Jew. The Pleasent portion is Israel. ( Pastors; denote the believers of the gospel of Christ)  Speckled = of many nations and peoples and tongues , not just Israel. We are Adopted into the heritage of God through the completed work of Jesus. Also Abraham had many children counted amoung the gentiles. It is possible that many of us are children of Abraham, but FEW are of the line of David. Let us not forget in our studies, at ONE point in the history of the Jews, God cursed the Royal line. The interesting thing in this is that Satan thought at that point , AH HAH' I have him now ! But God in His greatness, delivered the Promised Saviour  " Jesus " through the UNCURSED LINE in Mary. Joseph was of the Royal line [ read Luke 3:21 -38 ] for the line of Joseph . We know the FATHER ( God) was the FATHER of Jesus, and NOT Joseph, and even though the line of Joseph was cursed , the line of Mary was not. God used Mary fulfilling [Gen 3:15.]
With this in mind, we need not be concerned if we are of the line of David, because we being Adopted can never be dis-owned.
The Law even of Today.....allows for an adopted child that they can never be left without an inheritance; where as a Natural born child CAN be disowned.